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Part of "Fox Company" in the 2nd Battalion of the 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment, 3rd Platoon had a complement of at least twenty paratroopers from the 101st Airborne Division. 3rd Platoon was used during Operation Overlord; the invasion of Normandy, France.

Taking heavy casualties, 3rd Platoon's squads were re-organised and its casualties replaced after France was liberated. The two surviving squads were later moved into the 101st Airborne Reconnaissance Platoon for Operation Market Garden; the invasion of the Netherlands.


During Operation: Overlord, SSgt. Gregory Hassey was the platoon sergeant for 3rd Platoon, before being promoted to First Sergeant and handed over a desk job. Sergeant "Matt" Baker of Third Squad took over and led both.


First Squad

  1. Unnamed Sergeant[1]
  2. Cpl. Campbell
  3. Pvt. Boyd
  4. Pvt. McConnell
  5. Pvt. Paige

Second Squad

  1. Sgt. Bixby[2]
  2. Cpl. Paddock
  3. Pfc. Marsh
  4. Pvt. Winchell

Third Squad

  1. Sgt. Baker
  2. Cpl.Corrion
  3. Cpl. Hartsock
  4. Pfc. Courtland
  5. Pfc. Leggett
  6. Pfc. Obrieski
  7. Pfc. Zanovich
  8. Pvt. Allen
  9. Pvt. Desola
  10. Pvt. Garnett
  11. Pvt. McCreary
  12. Pvt. Muzza
  13. Pvt. Rivas


After their victory at the Battle of Hill 30, the platoon's surviving members returned to Carentan, where they attended a ceremony led by Mac. Honouring those dead, Mac promoted Hartsock to Sergeant and made him the official commander of Second squad.

First Squad would cease to exist, and its two surviving members were moved to Second. Third, who had suffered heavy losses on their way to Carentan, would be cut to five member out of their original thirteen.

After Mac was wounded, Baker temporarily became acting Platoon Sergeant(and possibly Platoon Leader) as he was the only Sergeant remaining in the platoon aside from Hartsock who was just recently promoted.

First Squad
Ceases to exist

Second Squad

  1. Sgt. Hartsock
  2. Cpl. Campbell
  3. Cpl. Paddock
  4. Pfc. Marsh
  5. Pvt. McConnell
  6. Pvt. Paige
  7. Pvt. Winchell

Third Squad

  1. Sgt. Baker
  2. Cpl. Corrion
  3. Pfc. Courtland
  4. Pfc. Zanovich
  5. Pvt. McCreary


  1. Hartsock tells Marshall that the platoon lost "half its sergeants" on D-Day. With three squads and a Platoon Sergeant, it can be deciphered that First and Second Squads lost their Sergeants, with Third's (Baker) and the Platoon Sergeant (Hassey) surviving.
  2. "Frair" was with Sergeant Bixby at the drop