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German Flak 36, 88mm multipurpose weapon

The 88 mm gun (eighty-eight) is a German anti-aircraft and anti-tank artillery gun from World War II. They were widely used throughout the war, and could be found on almost every European battlefield, it was a highly feared weapon among the Allies. It could kill a Sherman tank or most other allied tank at over a mile range with pinpoint accuracy, it can also used to shoot down bombers and fighter planes, and even target infantry using high explosive rounds and fire light artillery barrage. In the early WW2, the German light Panzer II and Medium Panzer III has not enough penertration to pierce through the heavy tanks used by the British and French, the Flak 18 is the only solution against these oppoents. The weapon was so lethal that the German high command fitting these same weapons as the main gun on the Tiger and King tiger tanks. (same cailber, but more powerful Kwk 36 and Pak 43 guns) Developments of the original models led to a wide variety of guns. The gun itself can be use in anti-air, anti-tank and even anti-personal role. Since it has high explosive round available, it sometimes used as light and mobile artillery. It is also the same kind of flak gun that killed Pvt. David Muzza on D-Day. In Hell's Highway, along with Panzers, the FlaK 36 is your worst nightmare, because it's front is immune to small arms fire, and can kill allied plane and Sherman Firefly in one or two hits. Use extreme caution when facing the FlaK 36 even when you are not in vehicle, because it's crews are not afraid to fire the cannon at infantry. Just one rounds can kill your squad or mow down most of your health, you can recover in Hell's Highway however. In first two BIA games, the Panzerfaust is precious weapon against theses heavy guns, one direct rocket will blow up the gun and kill its crew. In Hell's Highway, the Bazooka is useless when facing the 88 on front, you have to flank it or toss a few grenades to kill its crew safely. Alternatively, you can plant charges after the crews are gone.