These are the complete set of character battle dialogues that you heard during the combat gameplay spoken by the characters you played as and your squadmates in all three games. Multiplayer is limited.

Note: This page is still in a work in progress.

Road to Hill 30 Edit

Matthew Baker Edit

Fall-in Orders:

"Follow me!"

"Fall in!"

"Rally on me!"

"You're with me!"

"Bring it in!"

"Stay with me!"

"Get up here!"

"Let's stick together!"

"Tighten up!"

"Get over here!"

"Form up!"

"Get up here, double time!"

"Stay on me."

"Tighten formation"

"Red! You're with me."

"Red! Fall in."

"Red, get over here!"

"Corrion! Bring it in."

"Desola, fall in."

"Obi. Stay on me."

Move Orders:

"Take cover there!"

"Go Go Go!"

"Move it!"

"Head that way!"

"Let's go!"

"Move now!"

"Move to that position!"

"Quick, get over there!"


"Get to that cover!"

"Move fast!"

"Set up there!"

"Hurry up, get over there!"

"Stay low and go!"

"I need you over there!"

"Go over there!"

"That way, double time."


"Get up there!"

"Come on, get over there."

"Give me some armor over there."

"Park it over there."

"That way, full speed."


"Roll, goddamnit!"

"I need some armor here!"

"Desola, move to that position!"

"Corrion, move now!"

"Corrion, get to that cover!"

"Red, get over there."

"Red. I need you over there."

"Red! Go Go Go!"

"Red! Get to that cover!"

Attack Orders:

"Take them out."

"I need suppressing fire!"

"I need suppressive fire!"

"Heavy base of fire, there now!"

"Give me a base of fire on that position."

"Suppress those krauts!"

"That's it, get `em!"

"Suppress those bastards!"

"Suppressing fire!"

"Cover me!"


"Fire now!"

"Target that area!"

"Unload on them!"

"Heavy fire, right there!"

"Don't stop firing!"

"Fire on that position!"

"Shift fire!"

"Put some fire on them!"

"Attack them!"

"Hit them, now!"

"Base of fire, over there!"

"Keep up the fire!"

"Target them!"

"Base of fire!"

"Hit `em hard."

"Let's give them all we got."

"Hit those krauts!"

"Heavy base of fire!"

"Desola, put some fire on them!"

"Corrion, fire now!"

"Corrion! Target that area!"

"Red! Don't stop firing!"

"Red! Heavy base of fire, here now!"

"Red. I need suppressing fire!"

"Red. Take them out."

"Red. Let's give them all we got!"

"Red, suppressing fire."

Assault Order:

"Take that position."

"Move fast, run them down!"



"Move in and keep up the fire."

"Give them hell!"

"Get them!"

"Keep going, don't stop!"

"Assault that position!"

"Assault now!"

"Full assault now!"

"Go! Go! Go!"

"Move, move, move!"

"Hit them hard, don't let them get away!"

"No mercy."

"Take them out."

"Move fast, run them down."

"Corrion, charge!"

"Desola, give them hell."

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