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Hartsock's Introduction Edit

Hartsock: Baupte. Shit, that was a rough day for me, sir. Pardon my French. That town was supposed to be the link up for the 82nd and 101st. The last stop on the road to St. Sauveur. Hell, we walked in expecting to see some Airborne. We barely made it to the edge of town before the Germans hit us with a Panzerschreck on the bridge. And from there it got bad.

Conflict Edit

Paddock: Krauts are just appearing left & right like damn Jack rabbits.

Friar: Three more there! Near the train track-

(A German fires a Panzerfaust at a tree)

Paddock: They just blew up a fucking tree. Let's get off the bridge,Red!

(Red suddenly got Hit,right in the Ring Finger,at the same time,He lost His B.A.R. .)

Hartsock: AHHHH!!!

Paddock: Shit! Red's Down! Medic!

Friar: There is no medic! Look where we are,Paddock!

(Heads over to Red.)

Friar: We're gonna fix you up,Red. Just hang in there. Look at me. Just hang in there.

(While Friar bandages Red's Finger,the Flashback to Hartsock's Interview with Marshall.)

Marshall: That explains the bandage...

Hartsock: Figures the only married man in the squad would get his ring finger blown off.

(Flashback to the Mission.)

Paddock: We ain't got time here for something pretty. Friar,Just wrap the damn thing up.

Friar: Why are you yelling at me,Kansas boy? Fire at the fucking Germans!

(Finishing bandaging Red's finger.)

Friar: Can you fire a weapon? Sarge,can you fire a weapon? I wouldn't ask if we didn't have Krauts up our ass!

(PS2 Version) Andrews: Those bastards have panzerfausts,you have to clear out the marsh before I can move safely.

Later on, in the PS2 Version, an Extra Cutscene happened,before entering the Town, a Tank rolled up next to a "Blockade",Then followed by a now Sergeant Doyle.

Doyle: Sergeant,we got a hell of a lot of-(Sees Red.)Red? Holy shit Red,you finally made it! we got a hold on everything on the south of the tracks. So you move up through the town & we'll flank from the other side. Let's meet up at the church.

Doyle & his group left.

Later on,after getting rid of the Krauts.

Doyle:Gotta wonder what the odds are i'd find you again.

Hartsock: I see you're a Sergeant now.

Doyle: You too huh? We're moving up fast,it just seems-(Sees Red's Finger.)Jesus Christ,Red! What happened to your finger? Shit,you should have that looked at.

Hartsock: You know I'm not entirely sure yet. Happened real fast. Lotta gunfire.

Doyle:I'll buy you a whiskey when we get back to England so you can forget all about it.

Chapters Ends.

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