A Bazooka is a specialist unit of three men. One man holds the Bazooka, one reloads it and carries

ammunition, and a third man acts as support. It is similar to having a tank commander.

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Bazooka team can be very effective when used properly; the rocket can take out fortified position, light or breakable cover, MG nests and even FlaK 36 guns in one hit. The Bazooka team is your best answer to the enemy Panzers, so you don't need to risk your life to plant charges on them. If facing Panzers or FlaK 36 guns, make sure your squads are in good cover, because both of them are capable of wiping out your Bazooka team in one well-placed shot. If you managed to place the Bazooka Team at the rear of the FlaK 36 gun, one Bazooka round will finish both the gun and the crew.

However, the Bazooka team is generaly vulnerable to enemy infantry, especially if they are exposed or the team is forced to engage close quarter combat. The Bazooka has a slightly longer reach, you can put at the rear of your position, let your assault team, MG team or Base-of-Fire team closer to the enemy.

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