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Sergeant Bixby was the commander of 2nd Squad. He was killed on D-Day near Saint Martin-de-Varreville. Friar was with him when he was killed. There seems to be some devastation over his death for a short time with Friar being upset for the rest of the day and not taking part in the mission but other than that he is never mentioned nor heard of again. He is an unseen character. Hartsock replaces his role. Bixby's body is never found.


Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood[]


  • Bixby is one of two known characters killed on D-Day with Muzza.
  • It is suggested that Friar is his best friend
  • He is killed During The Events Of Roses All The Way
  • In mission Roses All the Way, some paratroopers were killed when they landed. In the swamp there is a drowned paratrooper. That paratrooper could possibly be Bixby.