Doran with Cole in battle

T\5 Bobby Doran is Lt.Col.Cole's radio man. He is only seen once on "First Bad News" when he is talking to Holden for back up. He was not seen in Road To Hill 30 or Earned In Blood but apparently has known Cole for awhile and has always been 1st squads radio man, like Leggett's been 3rd squads.


There is Germans firing everywhere and mortars exploding all around them with several soldiers with them.Cole keeps on yelling at him to get his head down. He told him to give the radio people everything he's got to say and again when he tells him to get down he is blown by a mortar. Cole so distressed from this does the job himself eventually getting himself sniped out.


  • He is one of 7 known characters to die in Operation Market Garden.
  • He is first known to be dead in The First Bad News
  • He's having the rank of Technician 5th Grade, just like Nathan Holden, a another radio operator in Hell's Highway.
  • Doran is the first character to die in Hell's Highway.
  • Doran was the last name of the actual man who was Cole's radio operator at the time of his death, and was killed similarly to the events shown in the game.

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