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Hartsock takes a slow and deep breath when he's forced to confront what happened at Purple Heart Lane to his friends.

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Hartsock: Can I speak candidly, sir?

Marshall: Of course, Sergeant.

Hartsock: Well, me and Baker... way before either one of us made Sergeant, used to joke about how jumping in a squad of thirteen is bad luck.

Marshall: That's a bit juvenile, don't you think, Sergeant?

Hartsock: Well, we were all so young then, sir. We even went so far as to paint a 13 on the back of our helmets... Basically saying if fate wants us fate can have us. Like we weren't afraid.

Flashback to Hartsock looking at Desola's dead corpse after being fired upon from a low-flying Stuka.

Hartsock: But we were. Seeing Desola like that... I was afraid, sir.

Back to the present.

Hartsock: I guess you could say I changed my mind at that point.

Marshall: Changed your mind?

Flashback to Hartsock throwing his helmet off the bridge and into the water.

Hartsock: Yeah, I decided fate couldn't have me... Or anyone else.

Back to the present.

Marshall: Was this around the time when you were promoted to Sergeant?

Hartsock: It was around the time I started to act like one. There was one person who was going to get me home safely to my family. And it wasn't Baker.

Flashback to Hartsock in the water retrieving his helmet.

Hartsock: It was me.

Back to the present.

Marshall: Then why did you go to St. Sauveur to fight?

Hartsock: Because I wasn't going to let the same thing happen to Doyle.

Chapter ends.

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Difference in the PS2 version Edit

  • The part of:
    • Red looking at Desola's body.
    • Throwing His Helmet in the River.
    • & Retreathing it. Each has a different camera angle.
  • When Red said "Because I wasn't going to let the same thing happen to Doyle.",Camera looks at Him.