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Bookends (Part 3) is the 13th chapter in Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood and the 3rd part of the bookends. Red talk his experience after Purple Heart Lane and his new goal.


Hartsock takes a slow and deep breath when he's forced to confront what happened at Purple Heart Lane to his friends.


Red talked about how him and Baker believe 13 as the unlucky number and even painted 13 on their helmet, saying that fate can have them and not be afraid. After seeing Desola's death, he was afraid and changed his mind. He determined like Baker to not let anyone die in his command and he went to St Sauveur to make sure Doyle wouldn't share the same fate as himself.



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Muzza's Letter Home[]

Muzza's Letter Home (1).jpg

Muzza was the first soldier to perish under Sgt. Baker's command. He died the night of June 6th during the parachute operations into Normandy.

The night before the invasion, Muzza wrote a letter home...


Tomorrow I will board a plane to France and hopefully fight bravely for what we both agreed to be a just and worthy cost.

I do not know exactly where this journey will take me, I just hope and pray it will be to be a fight I am readily bringing to the German occupied doorstep of France.

This will be the last letter I will be able to send for some time. Please do not treat this as a death letter and please shed no tears yet on my behalf. I have too many things to come home to for this to be my final resting place. I hope all is well at home and please give Samantha and Elizabeth a kiss for me. I do very much miss my sisters teasing.




Difference in the PS2 version[]

  • The part of:
    • Red looking at Desola's body.
    • Throwing His Helmet in the River.
    • & Retreathing it. Each has a different camera angle.
  • When Red said "Because I wasn't going to let the same thing happen to Doyle.",Camera looks at Him.