Bookends (Part 4) is the last chapter of Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood. It is finishing the interview between Hartsock and Col. Marshall.

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Sgt. Hartsock finishes his story just in time for a familiar face to show up and start his for Col. Marshall.

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Red finished his story with Doyle's backstory that explained during their walk to St Martin. After that the interview with Corrion behind waiting for his turn. Soon, Marshall interviewed Corrion. Red sit next to Baker and talk about their interview experiences and about writing a book. Red decide to buy whisky for Baker like Doyle promised before he was killed.


Hartsock: That was five days ago. I remember on the way to St. Martin he was going on and on about himself. Sort of like a Doyle history lesson.

Flashback to Hartsock with Doyle on the way to St. Martin.

Doyle: Well, my full name is Seamus Doyle. You see, Seamus was my father's name, which is odd because I never knew my father, so I guess I never understood why my mother would name me after him. And my mother, she was a piece of work. She once made me wash the dishes at three o'clock in the morning. I mean she could cook like nobody's business, but the smell- She once caught my sister kissing this guy... stapled her dress shut.

Back to the present.

Hartsock: That boy could talk.

Hartsock shakes his head, almost smiling.

Marshall: I think that's all the questions I have. Everything you said is important, a lot of good we can learn from this. Sergeant Hartsock, you should get some rest.

Hartsock: Still got miles to go before we rest, sir.

Hartsock stands up and salutes. Cpl. Sam Corrion is standing right behind him.

Corrion: That took a while.

Hartsock looks into Corrion's eyes with a fixed look.

Hartsock: Got a lot on my mind, Sam.

Hartsock taps Corrion's shoulders and leaves.

Corrion puts his weapon down.

Marshall: Name and rank?

Corrion salutes.

Corrion: Cpl. Sam Corrion, sir.

Hartsock sits down next to Baker.

Baker: How did it go with Col. Marshall?

Hartsock: Oh you know, I talked his ear off.

Baker: Yeah me too. You know, we should write a book. "Baker and Red, Through Hell and Highwater."

Hartsock: Why not "Red and Baker?"

Baker: Because I made Sergeant before you did.

Hartsock: Fair enough. If we ever get back to England, I'm buying you a whiskey.

Baker: I like whiskey.

Chapter ends.

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