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Private Boyd was a glider pilot.


Road To Hill 30[]

He is seen in Road to Hill 30, at the end of Rommel's Asparagus, when he staggers out of the HORSA glider, looking disoriented, airsick and struck down with a headache. Boyd is wearing a normal soldier outfit unlike the typical flying suit.

Earned In Blood[]

Then in Earned in Blood he is seen in Roses all the Way, and then in Action at St. Martin: he's injured at the start in the barn.


He died on Purple Heart Lane when Sgt. Lewis tells him and the other soldiers to 'suck it in and squeeze through that gate'. He is then killed when the Stuka bomb (that kills Desola), blows up the gate and several other soldiers.


Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30[]

Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood[]



  • He is a Lieutenant in the PS2 Versions of the first two games.