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Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway is the novelization of the video game with the same. Instead of focusing on just Matt Baker's story like the game, it also have different perspective on Operation Market Garden to the British, Dutch and German.

The story also differs from the game itself as Baker did not go to Veghel in Black Friday and instead went to Leishout in the last days of Operation Market Garden.

Description[edit | edit source]

Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway is the official novel companion to the game of the same name, Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway. It chronicles the events of Sergeant Matthew Baker of the 101st Airborne and the events that they encounter during Operation Market Garden in the Netherlands, then Holland. The book also takes the reader from different viewpoints, including the Irish Guards Colour Sergeant Cathal Gilchrist, the German Fallschirmjäger Oberfeldwebel (Master Sergeant) Wilhelm Graf, and a Netherlands native, a girl who supports the Dutch resistance named Mira Vogel. The book is written by Colonel (retired) John F. Antal, who is also the historical director of the Brothers in Arms series of games and was formerly a soldier in the U.S. Army himself too.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Characters[edit | edit source]

Americans[edit | edit source]

British[edit | edit source]

  • Lieutenant General Brian Horrocks
  • Lieutenant Colonel J.O.E. Vandeleur
  • Lieutenant Palmer (KIA)
  • Colour Sergeant Cathal Gilchrist (Protagonist)
  • Corporal Donal Ackers
  • Guardsman Avery
  • Guardsman Barclay (does not speak, KIA)
  • Guardsman Friskin
  • Guardsman Gaines (does not speak)
  • Guardsman Heaton (does not speak, WIA)
  • Guardsman Kelly (does not speak, KIA)
  • Guardsman Logan
  • Guardsman McNevin
  • Guardsman Ross
  • Guardsman Roy
  • Guardsman Weller (does not speak, KIA)
  • Private Kincaid (WIA)
  • Sheffield

Dutch[edit | edit source]

  • Johanna Halse (KIA)
  • Alexander Van Janssen (KIA)
  • Mira Vogel (Protagonist)
  • Anna (mentioned)
  • Peter

Germans[edit | edit source]

  • Field Marshall Walter Model (mentioned)
  • General Kurt Student (mentioned)
  • Colonel Friedrich von der Heydte (mentioned)
  • Lieutenant Hanzer (KIA)
  • Lieutenant Carl Kodritz (KIA)
  • Master Sergeant Wilhelm Graf (Protagonist)
  • Master Sergeant Gunter (KIA)
  • Corporal/Sergeant Küster
  • Sergeant Schmitt
  • Sergeant Karsten Weise (KIA)
  • Private Dörnefeld
  • Private Eckolt (KIA)
  • Private Henning
  • Private Merckel
  • Private Stöhr
  • Private Wigand
  • Becker (KIA)
  • Berna
  • Emmerrich (KIA)
  • Hensel
  • Horst (KIA)
  • Miller
  • Vibbard

About the Author[edit | edit source]

John Antal served thirty years in the United States Army, earning the rank of Colonel and serving as both an airborne ranger and a tank officer. He has published more than two hundred war-related articles and eight books, being a profilic writer of military history and military historical fiction. Other than that, he is also the historical director of the Brothers in Arms series of games and has been a very important historical consultant throughout the games plots.

Goofs and Continuity Errors[edit | edit source]

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