Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War is a World War II video game released in 2014. It was developed by Gearbox Software and published by Gameloft for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The game is possibly a sequel to Brothers in Arms: Hour of Heroes and Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front who are set during World War II like Brothers in Arms 3.


The game was announced at E3 2013, and was unveiled as as a cross- over of a cover based shooter, and an on rails shooter. It was revealed that the game will be on apple devices and iOS.


The game begins in a scene with the protagonist Cole Wright who is writing in his Diary near a river.

Later ...

He embarks on a mission with private Jacob Hall to cut through a village to acquire intel. Eventually, after many skirmishes, they reach the castle where the intel is located, burning up most of the interior with molotovs in the process. When they find the documents, however, they are confronted with heavy reinforcements and barely escape from the area. While escaping, however, Jacob Hall is killed by a German sniper. In Wright's diary, he says that he forgot to bring Hall's dog tags to his mother, breaking the promise he made to her.

Sgt. Wright chooses to move on without Jacob Hall, that being when he begins to rely more on James Gann for support. After Campaign 1, Sgt. Wright and Gann are deployed in Normandy as snipers with orders to protect his squad while they rescue Rachelle Dubois' squad from its captors.

Following the completion of Campaign 2, Sgt. Wright once again goes on a rescue mission, this time acoompanied his machine gunner, Dean Miller. They land at Monte Cassino Abbey in Italy, where they are to rescue Cain Lawrence, whose squad attempted to break the military line at Monte Cassino. Major Bastion also tells Sgt. Wright to keep a lookout for General Herst. Sgt. Wright successfully liberates Cain Lawrence, only to find his squad trapped. When they finally kill the defending soldiers, Sgt. Wright spots Herst and decides to pursue him while the others meet him at the rendezvous point. Unfortunately, Herst escapes from their squad, and Monte Cassino is bombed, taking millions of innocent lives with it.


In Brothers in Arms 3, there is characters composed of the protagonist, the brothers, etc...

There is :

- Sergeant Cole Wright, the main protagonist.

- Jacob Hall, the first radioman in Cole's squad. (late Barnaby Adams)

- James Gann, the sniper in Cole's squad. (with David Carter)

- Dean Miller, the gun carrier of Cole's squad; he can deploys a machine gun to eliminate all visible enemies.

- Cain Lawrence, the Molotov Cocktail balancer; he can throws a Molotov cocktail at the target.

- Larry Jackson, the rocket launcher; he can fires a rocket that detonates within a short radius.

- Barnaby Adams, the radioman in Cole's squad; he can request an air strike that detonate 5 bombs after a short delay.

- David Carter, Another sniper in the squad; he can eliminates the enemy with a silenced sniper rifle (he cannot be unlocked in the campaign but he appears in)

- Andrew Mohawks, A mine setter; he can deploys land mines around the target. (he is not a character in the scenario of the campaign and he cannot be unlocked in)

- Mathieu Chaput, A sniper, he don't uses a sniper but a crossbow (he cannot be unlocked in the campaign but he appears in)

- Neil Yates, A pilot and radioman; he can strikes a target with mortar fire (he is not a character in the scenario of the campaign and he cannot be unlocked in)

- Francis Barker, A radioman; he can orders 4 cannon shots directed at the target (he is not a character in the scenario of the campaign and he cannot be unlocked in)

- Jonathan Millard, A medic; he can restore a percentage of your health each second (he is not a character in the scenario of the campaign and he cannot be unlocked in)

- Major Bastion, He is the commander who gives the order to Cole and his squad.

- Rachelle Dubois, She is a woman in the French Resistance and the love of Cole.

- Sam Foster, He is a former US soldier who turned against Allies and worked for the Axis.

- Karl Herst, He is a Nazi general and the main antagonist of the game.

- General Adler, He is another Nazi general who is captured by Cole's squad in Paris.

- Lawrence Dailey, after Cole's death he is the new main character and the new playable character.

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