Brothers in Arms Wiki: Administrators is a page introducing everything about managing wiki, user classes, different organizations and certain power of which classes have. This details the politics of Fandom Wikis.


Although Wikia/Fandom allow any readers to read any wiki, it still need maintenance and improvement by the wiki users itself. Editing is not a simple thing as the wiki need reliable source to add in the information and update to the current time or it will be left abandoned. It is not only pages that need editing, this include categories, photos, videos, wiki design and more. This is more than a simple task for a normal editor who wants to read and see the information. Sometimes the wiki messed up itself and no one bother to fix it. To understand the complexity of editing, you need to know about admin as it is a position that have absolute power over one wiki. All the information down here will be based on Community central and y understanding. You can interpret whatever you like but not in an nonsense way.

Wiki Users Classes

If you seen a normal wiki, there are 2 types of wiki user you can see, Fandom Users or Users with Names.

Fandom Users

They have the power to edit although your edit will not be counted. Although you can edit, they have limited power than Registered Users who had normal power to edit and change things. These type of users are usually not dedicated in editing and some might just put a comment in the page itself. There are rare cases where these type users made more than 10 or more edits. They also can customize their own user pages as it can be seen as a page.

Registered Users

These type of users are also common to see as they are dedicated editors than the Fandom Users. They have the ability to upload photos, videos and other files. They don't have to see advertisement as well and they can follow pages that they have edited. If you edit for 4 days, you no longer relied on Captcha and you can edit semi protected pages. Other than that, they can edit pages normally including some files or other type of pages.

However, there is more than these 2 type of wiki users as there are other type of users who have more power than these 2 type of users. These users can be unofficial leaders of the Wiki and we are going to delve more deep in the page.


Administrators or admin are users who are granted power by the Community Central Staff or by current admin. This type of users considered the leader of the wiki as they have everything in its disposal and have powers that normal users doesn't have such as:

  • The ability to delete, protect and rename with settings pages
  • They can block users who are vandalizing.
  • Access to Admin Dashboard which provide all reports and content of the wiki.
  • They also can manage with the discussions and forums of the wiki.

Basically, unlimited power for the admin as they have access to everything.


These type of user change the user classes either promoting or demoting. They are usually link with an admin. They can promote a user to admin or demote them.

There are some classes where they have part of an admin's power. These users are called Moderators and they come in three types: Content, Discussion and

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