Browning .30 Cal machine gun, this is the M1919A4 model


The Browning .30 cal light machinegun was widely used by the US Army and it's Allies during WWII. This M1919 model is the lighter version of Browning M1917 Heavy Machine Gun. It found use on aircraft, tanks, vehicles, ships and infantry in all theatres of the war. The .30 cal, or M1919A4, was the primary weapon the US airborne divisions jumped with during their operations in France and Holland. In infantry situations, this was a crew served operated by at least two soldiers. After the Korean War, the role of the .30 cal was replaced by M60.

In Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 and Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood the .30 cal machinegun is encountered as a stationary weapon, attached to tanks or fixed to another object. It has similar firepower of MG 42, can kill the enemy quickly or surpress them easily. However, in Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood, this weapon is never used by ground infantry or by the player. (Only one exception in level Three Patrol Action in campaign mode) The weapon can be seen in some skirmish maps with or without water cooler, but cannot be used. If you are playing as German, you will face some Allied soldiers using the Browning against you, this is just as devastating as MG 42, so don't under-estimate it.

It appears again in Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway, this time in the 'M1919A6' variant distiguished by the added stock, carry handle, bi-pod and flash hider. The player does not have access to it in singleplayer, although it does make an apearance as part of the MG Team in the hands of Jasper. The only time it is usable by the player is in multiplayer as part of the Specialist Team.


The M1919A6 variant seen in Hell's Highway.

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