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Hartsock's Introduction

Hartsock: I'd been promoted maybe an hour before, but it still felt like I was following Baker around. It was probably for the best at the time.

Marshall: How much more resistance did you encounter?

Hartsock: Mostly just the pockets of scared Krauts that fled during the assault on the train yards. It wasn't easy finding 'em in all those back alleys and side streets. It's hard to imagine people lived in half the places we were standing on.


The battle of Carentan is still going on as there are German resistance in the area who were scattered from the trainyards held their positions in the streets. Mac was wounded in the battle and Corrion carried him to couch that is intact.

Baker: McCreary. stay with him.,Alright,we're going to attack in two separate routes and meet back at the plaza. No point in wastin' a buncha words... Let's just get this done.

Mac: It went in and out i think. Krauts weren't supposed to shoot at me, the little bastards. Hurts like a son of a bitch.

Soon, 3rd Squad and 2nd Squad split up to finsh off the remaining Germans in Carentan ruins. The Southern part of Carentan is in ruins compared to the northern counterpart since the area have faced bombardment by either sides with the civilians all evacuated.

The squad head into the ruins and faced German resistance, they managed to eliminate them through the 4Fs and proceed through the backalley since the main path is blocked by barbed wire and protected by MG fire. At the alley they encounter German squad opposite of the courtyard and proceed to engage in heavy firefight. After some maneuvering and confronting, they managed to kill the Germans and proceed to the street where the MG is. 

They reach the main street where they fight the Germans with one attempt to flank the paratroopers. Red use his BAR to swiftly take down the team that attempt to flank. The squad pushed forward and reach the MG where Red uses it to decimate the German waves. However, they spotted a tank coming into town. The squad soon head to the plaza where him and Baker are going to meet. 

They reach the plaza only for Germans at opposite of the courtyard fight while Red meet up with Baker and Corrion.  

Baker: Red! There are Germans all over this area and they got a tank. We've been running from it since we split up.

Corrion sees the German Tank approaching.

Corrion: Uh,Baker!?

Baker: We have to clear out this orchard before we can do anything else. I had no fucking idea there would be so many.

Corrion: Baker!

Baker: What, Sam!

Soon, the Panzer IV fire its gun and miss which gave Red, Baker and Corrion to flee the scene. Baker and Corrion flee to a nearby house for safety from the tank.

Baker: SHIT! Get into that house!

Soon, the tank fire another round into the house, severely damaging the house. This made Red worried whether his friends managed to survive. Well, its Baker, he can survive anything, I am sure of it, Red thought about their safety. Later the tank destroy a portion of the wall and stationed itself at the opposite of the plaza side of Red's squad. The blown wall allow Red to access the plaza and tries to defeat the Germans from there.

Red managed to eliminate all the German infantry in the area with the help of his squad. Now while his squad distracting the tank, Red approach a Panzerfaust crate and uses several of them to destroy the Panzer. Eventually it did. Red and his squad approaches to where Baker and Corrion hid in and meet them with glee.

Corrion: That shell hit too fucking close,I can barely hear anything. Jesus,Baker,this shit is drawn to you. This ringing in my ears is going to drive me crazy!

Baker: I jumped onto what i think was a table and I found this... Figured you'd like to properly toast your promotion!

Chapter Ends

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