Sergeant Craig Lewis was a soldier of the 101st Airborne.


Road to Hill 30Edit

He is seen in Road to Hill 30, near the end of Purple Heart Lane. He tells Baker to go and wipe out the rest of the Germans in the battlefield. He commands some men who are climbing through the metal gate.


On the mission Purple Heart Lane in Road To Hill 30 (takes place after he is wounded in the barn in Earned In Blood) he is yelling at Baker telling him to take out the main MG42. He's is yelling at his men frantically to get through the gate or die and the second option is the only when they make way for the gate and the MG42 that he wants Baker to get kills them both. Then when the stuka bombs land and Baker wakes up and if you look around you'll see 4 bodies on the bridge. Two of the bodies are the guys killed going through the gate. One is obviously the disfigured Desola and the final is just recognizable Lewis.


  • He is one of 5 known characters to be killed in Purple Heart Lane
  • He tells Baker to go and kill the MG.
  • He would have ran in Cole's Charge if he survived.
  • He looks somewhat like Doe.