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"David is what they call "The Midwestern Everyman". He's a loyal and hard -working guy who would do anything for his younger brother, Eric. Their father left them when they were little, and David had to take care of his brother. When David joined the army, Eric enlisted the very same day."
— David Bio

Corporal David Wilson is the main protagonist of Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front.


Early Life[]

When David and his brother Eric were still kids, their father left them, and David had to take care of his brother himself. When David enlisted in the Marines, Eric enlisted in the Army the very same day.

Battle of Alligator Creek[]

August 21, 1942

                       Dear Eric,  

Enjoying North Africa? The food is not quite like Mom's, is it? The Japanese took a beach near Alligator Creek last night. We have to get it back. They just never stop fighting. Time for us to pack up. Be safe.


           -David's letter to Eric before deploying to the Solomon Islands

On August 21, 1942, David parachuted into the Solomon Islands and was found by two Japanese soldiers. His commanding officer, Sergeant Neissman saves him from being executed. The two go through the jungle and kill several Japanese soldiers, and they soon reach a Japanese bunker. They assault its occupants, and David guns down the Japanese out on the beach.