Dead Man's Corner is the 9th chapter in Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30. This is the first time where scripted death happened with Risner.


With the help of Sgt. Risner and his Stuart tank, Baker's squad must vanguard the push down the road to St. Come-du-Mont...


Baker and his men along with the tank support are ready to move forward through the road which filled with German defenders. The Germans came prepared with MG 42, Pak 36 Anti-Tank Gun and Panzerfaust to slow the attackers. Regardless, Baker is prepared against the enemy.

Slowly but surely, Baker's squad and the tank eliminated any German resistance until they reach a blockade set up by the Germans. Risner's tank destroy the blockade, clearing the way for the paratroopers. The Americans soon faced heavy resistance along the road but was swiftly dealt with.

They reach another blockade which the tank destroyed it. As the tank reach the corner junction near St. Come du Mont, it was hit by a Panzerfaust round fired by the Germans. The tank was out of commission which force George to rises up from the tank and defending himself. Baker and his men are under fire from the Germans and took cover. Risner meanwhile ran out of ammo for his Thompson and use the 'cursed' pistol to defend himself. However, he was shot multiple times by the Germans and killed in the process.

Baker's squad soon kill the remaining Germans and meet up with Mac who arrived at the scene. He reported that Corrion and Desola are back with the 506th and prepare to regroup with Baker's squad. Mac also console Baker for his friend's loss and told Baker of tomorrow's attack on the outskirts of St. Come.


Escort the tank to the crossroads

Follow your compass to the junction between St. Come-du-Mont and Carentan. You'll need the Stuart tank to break blockades.



American Weapons and Vehicles

German Weapons


Fire Team:

  • Cpl.Hartsock - B.A.R. M1918
  • Pvt.Allen - M1 Garand
  • Pvt.Garnett - M1 Garand


  • Sgt. Risner - M1A1 Thompson/"Death Pistol"
    • M5 Stuart


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Brothers in Arms Key Personnel

Brothers in Arms Key Personnel (1)
Brothers in Arms writers and audio director

Brothers in Arms Key Personnel (2)
Brothers in Arms test and support

Dead's Man Corner Comparisons, Game vs Real

Dead's Man Corner Comparisons (1)
Composite: Game Screenshot/Army Photograph. On D+4, soldiers from 502nd PIR investigate the hulk. The tank's commander's Thompson rests on the turret.

Dead's Man Corner Comparisons (2)
Left side: Brothers in Arms screenshot. Right side: Era Photograph of the house at "Dead Man's Corner." Insert: Full Era Photograph.

60 Years later - Gearbox at Dead Man's Corner

Gearbox at Dead Man's Corner (1)
Composite: Game Screenshot/Dead Man's Corner in 1944.

Gearbox at Dead Man's Corner (2)
The house at Dead Man's Corner in June, 2003.

Gearbox at Dead Man's Corner (3)
A film crew in June, 2004 shoots Randy Pitchford and Col. John Antal at dead Man's Corner for a television documentary.

Gearbox at Dead Man's Corner (4)
Col. Antal and Randy Pitchford, oblivious to the camera, consider a makeshift memorial left at Dead Man's Corner on the 60th anniversary.

Gearbox at Dead Man's Corner (5)
The temporary memorial, faded and blurred by the elements, honors a 101st Airborne paratrooper who was killed in action here on D+1.

The German K98 Rifle - Col. Antal Briefing

The German K98 Rifle (1)
This is the German Mauser K98 Rifle

The German K98 Rifle (2)
The Carabiner 1898 Kurtz, as it was called in the German Army, was the backbone of the German Infantry and probably the best bolt action rifle ever made.

The German K98 Rifle (3)
The K98 weighs 8 pounds, 9 ounces and is 43.6 inches long.

The German K98 Rifle (4)
It has an internal box magazine that holds five rounds of 8mm Mauser ammunition, or caliber 7.92mm. The rounds are fed into the internal magazine either individually or with the use of a handy stripper clip.

The German K98 Rifle (5)
In the hands of a well trained marksman, this rifle could hit targets beyond 400 yards.

The German K98 Rifle (6)
In Brothers in Arms, you will often fight several teams of enemy soldiers armed with K98s, protecting an MG42 Machine Gun, the center of the German infantry squad.


Difference in the PS2 Version

  • Red, Allen, and Garnett all used an M1A1 Thompson and is labelled as an Assault Team.
  • Allen is registered as the team leader of Hartsock's team.
  • Mac uses an M1 Garand.
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