The Dutch Girl was a dutch civilian living in Eindhoven, when the 101st Airborne had taken the town.

She was 1st seen in Reunions when Pvt. Franky LaRoche sees her,he falls in love with her & kissed her,as she was the girl he ever kissed,he tells her that the 101st are the bigshots,they save people,before he said she can't understand what he's saying,before Sam Corrion drags him off,Later the night, the Germans made a counterattack in the town, Franky goes on his own to save the girl, whom he found and put his helmet on the girl & pulls her hand to find safety, she was seen with Franky running into a burning building, where Baker & the rest of the squad spots him & Baker ran after him. They somehow got out of the burning building & into the hospital where they somehow got separated as the Dutch Girl got outside where 2 German soldiers hold her, she broke lose & started to run only to be killed by one of the Germans, Baker witnessed this..

Franky didn't know about it, as he look around the hospital for her, when Baker found him & wanna tell him what happened, Franky tells him not to be his father before leaving to find her again, his searching resulted in him getting shot by a Kraut,when Baker found him,Franky ask did the Dutch Girl made it out ok,Baker said Yes. However, Franky somehow knew he was lying,as he somehow knew she's dead,before succumbed to his wounds..

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