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Hartsock's Introduction

Marshall: This was when you were promoted to Sergeant, correct? After you took Carentan?

Hartsock: Yes, sir, had a little ceremony at the base of the church. But it was cut short by German mortar fire coming from the south side of town.

Marshall: There was still some resistance? Who was with you?

Hartsock: Well I had Paddock, Friar, and Marsh from 2nd squad. There were also some 1st squad guys that Mac picked up after the drop. They got folded into 2nd. Campbell, Paige, and McConnell.


Having a mortar team fire down upon Hartsock was not exactly the way he would have liked his promotion from Corporal to Sergeant be. But then again, this was a good time to put his leadership skills as Sergeant to good use and practice.

Baker: Those mortars are coming from the train yard about a block away. Red, you go down the alley behind those houses and push through. We'll swing around the other side.

Baker's squad headed around the trainyards to cut German retreat while Red's squad attack the trainyards head on to secure the area. As they enter the battlefield,they are faced by mortar fire and Germans with assault rifle defending the station. Red man a nearby MG to provide suppressing fire while the rest push forward near the train station. They soon eliminated the station defenders and enter behind station where they encounter more Germans and a mortar team.

They interrupted the mortar team and dealt with the rest of the Germans which cancelled one of the mortars in the trainyards. They headed to a big building where the Germans are taking hold with Red's team attack through outside or at the entrance. They managed to clear the whole building and have to cross through MG firing range to proceed to the next area.

Red's squad cross safely and they use the 4Fs to eliminate the German team and the MG gunner. The next area is another big building with train carriages in the train tracks. Not only that, they also encounter mortar fire in the area. The squad takes cover in the train carraiges from the Germans firing from the big building. They managed to enter the building and clear the building.

They headed outside from another entrance to deal with the mortar team and its defenders. Fortunatley, Baker's squad arrived to flank the Germans and give support. After finishing the remaining Germans, Red meets with Baker to talk about the retreating Germans.

Baker: Looks like we flushed a lotta the Krauts out into the open.

Corrion: They're getting away.

Baker: We'll sit tight for a few minutes and regroup. Then we'll chase 'em down and rout the shit out of them.

Chapter Ends.

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