When the stakes are high,
every mistake is a costly one.


Orders from SinkEdit

You start with bazooka team and a Assault team. First of all you take out the germans near the windmill and then you move up and take the houses untill you reach the Church. At the start, you can take the M1 Garand or the M1A1 Thompson if the default weapons don't suit you.

The Bell TowerEdit

Outside the Church there are many germans first you should try to take out the germans near the fence at least 4 enemies. then you should have the assault team suppres the enemys right ahead and then have you bazooka team and you move the left flank near the road. and then have the assault team move up and take the flank untill you get near the corner. because if you move your men there they might die so you secure it first. then have your bazooka team get close and you should be able to blow up the sandbags and the Church top.

In the ManorEdit

after you have seen the cutscene you will se baker go in the Manor Where youll be all alone. so move up secure the MG42 nests and youll come out and meet your squad agian basically you just need to be carefull and dont get lost you should blow up their cover with grenades too.

The SanitariumEdit

at this part you tell your team to get cover at a cover where they can hit the sandbags nearby without being harmed make them blow up MG postitons too. then move up alone carefully picking up enemies when they come out of cover.

Push up the RoadEdit

move up carefully without getting your teams killed especially the Bazooka team though be carefull of the 88 Gun your bazooka cant harm it unless you get behind it so flank it and get behind it if you team gets killed dont worry if you go near it you can plant a charge on it or chuck a grenade on it though try to do it with the bazooka cause then you kill the enemys near it too

South of the CanalEdit


It opens with the jeeps driving dangerously fast with mortars exploding all around the sides of the roads.

Sink: That bastard's been hitting us with 88 fire for a few minutes now.

Hartsock: Who, sir?

Sink: German commander named Auckland. They've been firing at the woods to get us out in the open. He doesn't give a damn about the civilians, so you boys are gonna find the 88 and destroy it! We rally at the Son Bridge.

Baker: All right squad! Get over here! Wilco, sir! Jasper! Bring up that Bazooka!

Hartsock (pats Doyle's badge): What? It's for good luck! Belonged to a friend of mine, saved my ass!

Baker: I'll take Jasper and the Bazooka with the Fire Team towards the outskirts of town.

Hartsock: I'll take 2nd Squad and Zanovich to the streets. We'll give you cover when we can.

Baker: Zanovich! You're going with Red!

Zanovich: Rodger!

Baker: Once we make it to the bridge, Sink shouldn't be too far behind.

Hartsock: Let's move!

While Baker gets the bazooka guy and Assault team to pin and fire at the enemy he goes up in a windmill to try and take as many out from there as possible. After taking as many as he can he moves down with his team. After getting into the small barn you must locate and shoot the 88 as a faster way to explode all nearby Germans. The squad moves in Baker going behind the Germans flanking all of them out. As they move down the path when the Germans are cleared a cut scene opens up of three soldiers moving forward.

They sneak around the corner and many dutch civilians are outside standing around chatting. The priest waves Baker to come over to him and he does.

Priest: My English is not good. Thank you! I give you these. Take! Take!

Courtland: Hot damn! Check it out Corrion, free cigars!

Franky: I'll take a couple.

Dawson: And not even old enough to smoke 'em.

Franky: I don't even think they realize this battle ain't over yet.

Dawson: Oh, they realized. That's why there thanking us, Franky.

Corrion: This isn't safe Franky.

Franky: Oh lighten up corrion, it's just a-

Sudden an 88 shell explodes all around the area injuries some soldiers. Auckmand observes through binoculars beside the 88 gun.

Franky: You're going to be fine! Look at me! You're going to be fine!

Franky is tending to the church priest who's bottom half of his body is blown off. The Germans also man a MG42.

Corrion: Franky, we gotta go now!

Franky: Hang on!

There's intense gunfire everywhere with many soldiers pinned down.

Corrion: Now Franky!

Franky: We can help him!

Corrion grabs Franky and shoves him straight into the wall.

Corrion: When I give your and order, you follow it!

Franky: Yeah I'm sure the 9 seconds I was spending to make him comfortable before he died was a huge loss!

Corrion: We don't have time for your shit!

They all just leave after Franky shoves Corrion away from him.

Jasper fires the bazooka exploding all of the Germans down the road. They all open fire on the enemies to their left trying to pin and snipe them. Finally they kill them all and move on to the next group. Baker and his squad relies more on sniping them pinning and flanking in this part. Later Baker goes through a huge group of German bodies when their finished. A cut scene comes on when you go up the stairs.

Baker sees firing coming from a nearby house.

Baker: I need suppressing fire on that MG!

Just then Baker breaks into a gate after kicking it a few times and goes in a barn. He sees glasses just like Legget's and gets flashback from Legget's death. Shots smash through the windows. Baker goes upstairs and takes out the few Germans up there. There are many more as he goes on. He goes through many rooms clearing at least one German in each room. He encounters several MG's along the way to. He finally meets his men outside and they set off to go clear and secure the sanitarium. There is a huge shootout with Germans on some balconies. It is impossible to flank most of the Germans on this level. After a really long battle they take out all the Germans around there.

You must go around and snipe out all the heavy machine guns. This part is hard to pin down Germans as you must get them with your Bazooka Team mostly. They move through a house providing some good cover for Baker's men. They move onto the main road being cautious of the MG's. After taking out some last Germans that are hiding behind a well covered window a cut scene starts.

He runs through the field seeing everyone scrambling and some soldiers injured.

Hartsock: I count fifteen...maybe the bridge! Not to mention that 88 on wheels! Sink didn't said it could move! There's no telling when the Colonel will show up with the 506!

Baker: I think...with both our squads, we can put enough fire on them to push them back until he does. On Three!


Hartsock and Baker: Three!

Hartsock: MOVE, MOVE, MOVE!

They all charge until a huge blast knocks Baker off his feet. He looks up to see the bridge destroyed, and then notices something tumbling through the air above him. After a second, the object buries itself in the ground in front of him, revealing it to be a massive section of the bridge hurled into the air by the blast.

Hartsock: You spend more time on your back then Paddock's sister!

Paddock: (Background) Fuck you, Red!

Sink: Son of a bitch! Get across that river and take that 88 and secure that goddamn area! Parker, get Captain Wilder on the line and tell him 30 corps ain't getting across shit without a bailey bridge up here pronto! The krauts just blew this one to hell!

Hartsock: Get across that river! Use the debris as cover!

All the soldiers start jumping into the river and trying to make there way up when someone explodes.

Many soldiers are blown by mines, a lot of them shot and tons went underwater. Baker's squad kill all krauts and destroy 88. A cutscene will open with all of Baker's men walking toward him after the huge blast.

Sink: How you getting back across the river?

Baker: What'd he say?

Hartsock: I don't ears are still ringing.

Sink: How the Sam hell you getting back across the river?!

Hartsock: Okay, that time I definitely heard liver. Maybe he's drunk. We'll just swim back across the liver sir!

Sink: Okay!

Chapter Ends