George Risner is a M5 Stuart tank commander in RTH30. He is also a close friend of Sergeant Matt Baker.


Road to Hill 30Edit

He is first seen on D+1 when he links up with Baker. He stays with him as a squad member until he is killed at Dead Man's Corner. His body is seen in the next mission. He is remembered in Tom and Jerry when Baker says the names of all the men that died under his command. He is also seen in the Extras segment "Nine Days Earlier" holding the death pistol and telling Baker how he got it from Baker's dad, who was killed holding it.



Risner at Dead Man's Corner.

During his final appearance, a concealed Fallschirmjager trooper disables his tank with a Panzerschreck. Risner popped out of his tank firing a Thompson, covering the retreat of Baker, Allen, Garnett, and Hartsock. As his Thompson ran out of ammo, he discarded it and held his position using the Death Pistol. He was soon killed by repeated fire from a MG42, shown in Hell's Highway in a flashback.

Weapon(s) Edit

  • M1A1 Thompson
  • "Death Pistol"


  • Risner's death is based on a real life Stuart tank commander, Lt. William Anderson, who died at "Dead Man's Corner" on his way to Saint Côme-du-Mont with the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment.
  • He is from an Infantry division, but he has a chest patch of the 10th Armored division.
  • When his tank was hit, it steered wildly into a nearby wall, the same position that a real Stuart tank went when it was hit at Dead Man's Corner. Both tanks even had the same number: 12 and both of them had a large US roundel at the front.
  • The player cannot save Risner. He is plotted to die, even if he/she had killed all the Germans that CAN shoot Risner, he will still let out a shriek and die.
  • 2 other known crewmen of his tank were Pfc. Fields and Cpl. Gardener.
  • Risner is seen briefly in a flashback sequence where Baker is thinking about everyone who died holding the so-called "Death Pistol" and thinks of the moment Risner was killed. He is one of the "previous owners" of that gun.