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Hartsock's Introduction

Hartsock: It's really not that much of my finger, really, sir.

Marshall: You're lucky they didn't send you home. If you'd lost another inch they probably would have.

Hartsock: I go home when we all go home. Sir. I wrote a letter- I wrote my wife... trying to explain what happened. I gave up. Couldn't do it. Couldn't find any words to explain days like that.


Doyle: The closet I got to bring injured so far is some cuts from those damn trees I dropped through.

Campbell: Count your blessings and hang onto 'em.

Campbell walks off.

Doyle: Looks like we're moving out to St.Sauveur to complete our main objective. Gotta clear the way so that the infantry can take Cherbourg. You 101st boys have fun playing guard duty while the real men go to work.

Paddock: I'm sure we'll be saving your asses up there in St.Sauveur. Not like you won't need it.

Marsh: Why do you say that,Paddock?

Paddock: Because the 82nd always needs saving.

Doyle: Heh,well i better get moving. you boys keep your heads down. After me and the 82nd kills Hitler and ends this war we'll get that whiskey back in England. And I like whiskey.

Doyle walks off,Paige saw Cassidy come towards Them.

Paige:ahhh Lt.Col.Cassidy. Crap,that means we're going on a patrol again.



Cassidy:As you were. Those german bastards that retreated from Baupte have taken up some strong positions in the hedgerows south of town. Now You boys are going to go out there and eliminate any threat you encounter. Get your gear and move out. And don't forget to use your TNT to make a path through the hedgerows.

Paige: See. Told ya...

When Red & 2nd Squad regroups with Cassidy(along with York & Doe).

Cassidy: Good job out there boys,you put up a hell of a good fight. Take these captured German plans to the 82nd. They're about to attack the town of St. Sauveur. These should help 'em out. Make sure they know the 101st found 'em.

Paige: See. Told ya...

Paddock: Yeah yeah.

Chapter ends.

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