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Chapter ends.
Chapter ends.
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Hartsock's Introduction Edit

Hartsock: We spent most of the night near a village called Hiesville. After some rummaging, I found a BAR in the back of a crashed glider. Belonged to a guy named Hardigan.

Marshall: How do you know that?

Hartsock: He was holding it. It's amazing how few dead bodies you have to see before it stops affecting you.

Conflict Edit

The team consist of a mix of 3rd Squad and 2nd Squad including Red are in the middle of the firefight with a crashed jeep they drove. Their objective to relieve the 501st in Barquette Locks which is a key objective for the invasion as it control the waters in Normandy. Right now the team are in deep trouble.

Marsh: There's no way were getting this out.

Garnett: It seems Baker's all to willing to send us out on these wild goose chases. Would it kill him to give us a map?

Paddock: What's up with Baker anyway? Always seemed to be alone, scared off and shit.

Desola: He's always been like that! We'd play Baseball or whatever in England- -Not Baker.

Marsh: I don't think were getting that hunk of crap out of the mud anytime soon.

Friar: We should think of something fast before they realize where we are.

Desola: Where the hell is Allen? He never misses a Baker goose chase.

Garnett: He's stuck loading trucks for the push into St. Come Du Mont. He's on Mac's shit list. Actually, I think he is Mac's shit list.

Later, a paratrooper came from the battlefield and fell down to where the team are positioned at. He quickly recover his fall and took cover.

Garnett: Follow the gunfire! That's how you can always find us!

Campbell: Got word you guys were on your way. Colonel Johnson sent me to find you.

A mortar explodes not to far off from their hiding place.

Campbell: Fucking Germans! Krauts are attacking Locks & tore us to pieces with some damn mortar fire! Here comes the supply drop! Mark the supplies with smoke.We'll pick 'em up later! You'll rendezvous with the Colonel on the other side of the Locks. Good luck Red!

Soon, Red's team headed off to the field where they engage the Germans who are taking cover in the foxholes. Meanwhile, planes are dropping supply drops to resupply the 501st who are in dire straits and need of help since their fight in the locks.

Garnett: Parachutes, there! They're landing over there!

Friar: That a hell of a sight.

Germans are entering the battlefield and firing at the Americans in an attempt to slow down the paratroopers advance. Red managed to use his smoke grenades to mark the supply drop that dropped into the area. After a heavy fighting in the field, Red managed to mark all supply drop and headed to the locks where Johnson and his men are corned.

The next area before the locks is littered with mortar fire, MG fire and foxholes with Germans taking cover. Red grab a Kar 98k sniper rifle and uses it to snipe some enemies in the battlefield. After clearing the entrance to the locks, they fought the Germans opposite the locks who puts up a spirited defense. Ultimately, the team suppressive fire and Red sniping allow them to cross the locks and clear the German defenders and the mortar team.

Red's team continue their path with Germans heading their direction are cut down. It is revealed to be Johnson and his men who arrived just in time and confront Red's team for the reinforcement too small.

Col. Johnson: Been on the horn all day trying to get some fucking reinforcements and they send me a corporal? Ballard can kiss my ass! We are down to our last clips... Paige, McConnell! Go get that ammo. Corporal, move your ass up that riverbank and secure a defensive position at the road junction. Go. Get outta here.

Red and the rest of the squad move down into the riverbed where they take fire from a large group of Germans along the field passed the riverbed. Red uses his sniper to pick off any Germans who are not in cover before the team crosses the riverbed. After clearing the foxholes and the field, they are blocked by MG fire which are from the corner junction where it is heavily defended. While the Fire Team distract the MG, Red and the assault team headed to the far right and goes under to bridge and ambush the German in his rear.

After clearing the corners, they headed to a trench defense where they meet Johnson once more who is under heavy fire by Germans opposite the field.

Johnson: There's a platoon of Germans headed this way. Our best bet is to cut them off at the flank. Corporal,move out.

Red's squad headed to the left flank and attack the Germans through which gives a tactical advantage over the German line. They also eliminated the rest of the reinforcements and ending the battle of Barquette Locks which gives not only a tactical victory but also a strategic victory since they can release the locks, allowing the water to flow and prevent flooding in Normandy which could hinder the operation.

Johnson and the 501st handle the Germans as prisoners. While handling them, Paige decides to bully some of the Germans

Paige: Momma said to come home alive.

Campbell: Paige, what are you doing?

Paige: She told me 'Don't let those sons of bitches take you out.'

Campbell: Hey--

Paige gets in the face of a German prisoner.

Campbell: Paige. Paige, come on.

Paige: Did you hear what I said? I called you a son of a bitch!

Campbell: Paige, what the hell are ya doing?

Campbell grabs Paige by the shoulder and pulls him away from the German prisoner.

Campbell: Back off.

Johnson who is annoyed at the situation, address Red to handle the situation since he is the highest rank in his squad right now.

Col. Johnson: Go talk to your men, Corporal.

Chapter ends.

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