Corporal Jacob Campbell was a member of 2nd Squad.


He was originally part of the First Squad. After the defense of Hill 30, he and the rest of the survivors of the First Squad were reorganized under Hartsock's Second Squad.

First Squad took heavy casualties in Normandy, which left Privates Campbell and Derrick McConnel, along with Private William Paige, under the command of -until June 14th- acting-Sergeant Joe Hartsock of Second Squad. The day after the Hill 30 engagement, the three remnants of First Squad were drafted into a re-organised Second under an official Sergeant Hartsock.

Early LifeEdit

Campbell was born and raised in a small town of Missouri and had a strict catholic family. He went to his village church every Sunday and preached about God. He had never heard of swear words, but during the war, the other soldiers' habits rubbed off on him, and soon, he was a common user of swear words.

Earned In BloodEdit

Campbell is first seen in the night of D-Day, working with Lieutenant Colonel Robert Cole to ambush a German chariot convoy. Campbell was later encountered by Red in "Hell's Corner" serving as a messenger for Colonel Johnson, and later transferred to 2nd Squad during the Battle of Hill 30. Shortly after Red's promotion to Sergeant, Campbell permanently stays in Red's fire team.

Hell's HighwayEdit

Campbell plays a minor role and is seen usually with second squad. He is the first person to see Marsh die and he is very saddened of what happened. In the mission "Black Friday", Campbell is wounded in the neck by the mortar shell that wounds Baker and Hartsock and kills Friar, thus preventing him from speaking for the rest of the game. It is unknown as of now if this is permanent.

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Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood Edit

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  • Campbell was voiced by Jeffrey Schmidt.
  • Campbell was the first one to see Marsh die and was devastated by this.
  • Originally a Corporal in the 1st squad before Red was promoted.
  • Campbell still has problems with the way Paddock acts, his attitude, and methods even though they've been fighting together for so long.
  • Campbell is known to be somewhat of an obnxious loud-mouth. The fact that he can no longer speak is an ironic twist.
  • In the owners manual of the PSP version of the series, it says he is a Private instead of a Corporal.
  • He uses an M1A1 Carbine in Roses All The Way but then uses the M1 Garand throughout the rest of the series.
  • Campbell couldn't stand Paige and the two didn't get along throughout the war, and even when Paige died, Campbell didn't seem too upset.
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