"Now this is more like home." - in Normandy referring to the similarity of the French countryside to Oklahoma.

Private First Class James Marsh is part of Hartsock's Second Squad.


James Marsh was born in Altus, Oklahoma and he lived on a farm. He has been in the service for longer than many of the men around him. He served in the tail-end of the African Campaign. He is the last remaining Private in 2nd Squad.

Due to the fact that he fought in the tailend of the North African Campaign, he probably served in a regular Infantry division during the Tunisian Campaign (17 November 1942 – 13 May 1943). Although it is still unclear when and how he joined up the 502nd P.I.R.

Earned in BloodEdit

Marsh is first seen during Hell's Corner in La Barquette Locks. He is part of Cpl. Campbell's Fire team. He uses an M1 Garand. He is then part of your team throughout the game and was a strong soldier who fought well but kept to himself.

Hell's HighwayEdit

Marsh is usually seen with second squad and he plays a minor role. He is the first to perish, as he was killed in the bombing of Eindhoven in the Baptism of Fire level.

Even after being a combat veteran, he still wasn't a non-commissioned officer by the time he fell in Holland, being outranked by Paddock and another Corporal in 2nd squad although this may be due to seniority in being with the squad.


Marsh was shot dead while still on the squad's jeep, by unrecognized firearms firing from a nearby burning building during the bombing of Eindhoven. Campbell finds him and he's very distraught. You see Marsh lying dead against a pile of rubble.

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  • In Hell's Highway he doesn't have any lines.
  • Marsh speaks with a country accent and claims to live on a farm.
  • He died a few hours before 'Franky' LaRoche died.
  • Unlike Zanovich, Marsh never made any reference to his previous service.
  • He is one of 7 known characters to die in Operation Market Garden.
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