Private James Roselli is a replacement for Hartsock's assault team. He's is a new character in Hell's Highway.


Roselli is a replacement for Hartsock's assault team. He is shown in most of the cutscenes to be another one who rarely speaks and acts when time calls for it. Jimmy replaces McConnell who was switched to Hartsock's fire team after Normandy. Jimmy was first seen in second dev-diary fighting with Paddock after he had called Roselli 'Mussolini' with Hartsock holding Roselli back. He also has a cigarette box attached behind the elastic band on his helmet.

In the cutscene "The First Bad News" Roselli is complaining about carrying around his "20 pound gun around all day" (His 19 Pound B.A.R.) to Jasper but Jasper is saying that his M9 Bazooka weighs more yet it weighs less than Roselli's B.A.R. The M9 Bazooka weighs 14.5 lbs., 4.5 pounds less than Roselli's gun.


  • He is of Italian descent.
  • Weirdly enough, he was a replacement for Hartsock's Assault Team, which did not need replacements, while Cpl. Campbell had only one man left in his Fire Team. He also carried a BAR automatic rifle, which is not an assault weapon.
  • Roselli carries Friar out of the burning building with Paddock.
  • Paddock calls Roselli 'Mussolini' after Benito 'Mussolini' because he's Italian.
  • Roselli has a rather big nose.
  • Roselli is a part of Baker's squad in the mission Tooth and Nail
  • He is the youngest member of the 2nd squad and the second in the whole game.
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