Kevin is the 6th chapter in Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway. This shows conversation between Kevin Leggett and Dawson, who was with Pathfinder before joining Baker's squad during the Normandy invasion.

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Leggett was sitting by a fence somewhere in Carentan. It was in the evening where the fighting was over back at noon. Baker squad have been reduced to half dozen after Obi's death back in the battle. He have been troubled in his mind and took no attention to the other soldiers.

Soldier: Over here!

The soldiers walks by Leggett, ignoring him. This is fine to Leggett as he just want peace to think to himself, until one soldier arrived.

Dawson: Are you okay?

A soldier with a British accent talks to Leggett but Leggett didn't care. However, the soldier continue his conversation

Dawson: Mate! You okay? Do you need a doctor?

Leggett: No. I'm not shot or anything...

Leggett replied to the soldier question, he thought he would go away after this but the soldier soon sits down with Leggett to talk more. Leggett felt reluctant to continue the conversation that the soldier started.

Dawson: Well,What's your story then?

Leggett: Who are you?

Dawson: Pathfinder with the 502. English bastard of a Rich Father & a Poor Mother. --Ha. Take your pick Really. What's your name?

Leggett: Kevin.

Dawson: Tell me,Kevin. Do you believe in fate-- That there's something we're all supposed to do in this life before we die?

After the question asked by the soldier named Dawson, Leggett thinks back to the secret. The secret that broke Leggett since especially after Allen and Garnett's death where everyone except Mac, Baker and Corrion in the squad hated him for their death by hiding cowardly. He think back to the moment where Baker told him to keep the incident a secret to prevent Leggett killed.

Baker: Leggett,don't ever tell anyone,what you just told me.

Leggett: Why?

Baker: Because They'll kill you!

Leggett came back to the real world and thinks about the secret he is holding. He could not hold it forever and wants tell someone that isn't in his squad. Since Dawson have been friendly and a different squad, he would tell Dawson the secret and will not get to his squad since he is a different unit.

Leggett: Can I... tell you a secret?

As Leggett told Dawson the secret that he is unwillingly holding, little did he know that himself will be killed by the pressure of the battle and the secret he is holding. Not only that, the soldier he told the secret have transferred to Baker's squad. Only time will tell if the secret will be revealed.

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