"I understand the large hearts of heroes, the courage of present times..."
— Leggett's Poem

Private First Class Kevin Benjamin M. Leggett was the radio operator for the 3rd Squad.

As the squad radio operator, he always accompanies S/Sgt. Hassay. His death at Hill 30 haunted Baker throughout the events of Operation Market Garden.


Kevin "Legs" Leggett is the radio operator hailing from Brooklyn, New York. Leggett was fond of quoting obscure poetry and felt that all stories should have happy endings; he began to realize however, that in war, the story often ends differently.

Early LifeEdit

Leggett was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He joined the U.S. Army's 101st Airborne Division as a radio operator and was assigned to Fox Company's 3rd Platoon; "Fox-3". Leggett furthered his usefulness in Normandy with his ability to speak French.

When Leggett was a child, his dad read him a poem. "I understand the large hearts of heroes, the courage of present times... It amazes me that something so beautiful could be a part of something so ugly."

Road To Hill 30Edit

After parachuting into France, Leggett remained for the rest of his life beside Plt. Sgt. "Mac" Hassay, relaying radio messages to headquarters.

During a mission to capture a farm house, Mac placed Leggett in command of Privates Allen and Garnett and sent them around the flank of the barn. Leggett and Allen, not on good terms with each other, began arguing. Garnett's warning of Germans talking nearby went practically unheard, as Leggett kicked Allen in the stomach in revenge for the bullying.

This led to the Germans discovering their position and Garnett being shot in the head. Allen picked up a knife and stabbed the shooter in the neck with it, suffering several bullet wounds on his way back to get his M1 Garand rifle. He then killed the other two Germans with it, before dying of his wounds, but not before apologizing to Kevin.

Baker warned Leggett to never tell the Squad about the incident, as one of them may kill him in revenge. Telling the others he "didn't see anything", Leggett became hated among other members of the platoon who, taking Baker's "he didn't see anything" excuse too literally, deduced that he hid in a bush as it happened, too cowardly to save them. The only one to defend him was Cpl. Corrion.

Earned In BloodEdit

Leggett is mentioned in Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood when Hartsock gives him the credit for the tanks showing up and Hill 30 rather than giving that to Baker. This is notable since Hartstock hated Leggett when Allen and Garnett were killed in a flanking maneuver under Leggett's command. In "Bloody Gulch" mission, Leggett can be seen frantically calling for armor support, while Hartsock take some of his men leading a diversionary attack. However, when Hartsock and his team gets back, Leggett is killed.

Hell's HighwayEdit

After clearing Carentan, Leggett met another soldier, PFC. Mike Dawson, during the arrival of the 101st in the city, telling him the story. This man would become a member of Third Squad in September, and would lead Baker into telling everyone the truth.


On June 13th, the 3rd Platoon was ordered to help the 506th PIR hold and defend the position outside of Carentan known as Hill 30 to prevent a German counter-attack from taking the town. During the battle, the radio was damaged, stopping any incoming messages from being heard. His call for tank support had been heard, though Leggett would not survive long enough to know.

Because of the events that happened with Allen and Garnett, Leggett lost his mind. He drew a M1911 (known by the platoon as the "Death Pistol") and fired at a German tank. The tank fired at Leggett and blew him away, partially exposing his intestines and wounding his face. The ghost of Leggett haunts Baker throughout Hell's Highway.

In the ninth level of Hell's Highway (named after the game), Baker walks into a burning train station and comes across a hallway filled with the shredded and mangled bodies of allied soldiers. One of the soldiers looks exactly like Leggett, wearing the same glasses, and in some versions of the game, and is wearing the same uniform, bringing a flashback of Leggett's final moments. When Baker awakes, the soldier looks entirely different, wearing the uniform of a British medic, so maybe Baker thought the medic was Leggett, and had a hallucination.

In the level "The Rabbit Hole" in addition to seeing Leggett's ghost, at the second recon point, "Resistance Photographs" there is a radio that is transmitting static. After the player examines the recon point, and if you listen closely, Leggett's voice can be briefly heard over the static saying "Sarge I can't get anyone!......TAAAAKKKEEE MEEEEEE!!!" The radio then turns itself off. On the same level in the hole in the wall you can see Leggett's hallucination through a tear blocked off by a bookshelf. You may also see Leggett's hallucination on the "Written in Stone" mission on, on the left side of the graveyard if you can't see him you still may be able to here him saying.. "YOU WANT ME? TAKE ME...FUCKING TAKE MEEEEE!" and when you hear that you see him get blown back from a grave such as the explosion at Hill 30 that killed him.

Personality Edit

Leggett have the shy and nerd character. He is usually being on his own and people find him weird like Baker saw Leggett cut an half boiled egg. He is also have an interest in literature and comics as he quote a poem in the beach and discuss comic book characters with his rival, Allen. He is also always with Mac as Mac needs him to contact HQ and he is the only radioman. He is also caring to other soldiers as he wanted to save any survivors in a plane crush or when he tried to save a dying soldier in Hill 30.

However, his personality drastically shift after Allen & Garnett's death and suffer guilt consciousness. He become weak and vulnerable to other men bullies as other men except Corrion, Baker and Mac in his squad hated Leggett for letting Allen & Garnett died. He become very quiet and suicidal as he didn't talk too much except during combat, a notable example of his suicidal character is the infamous scene where Leggett scream at the Panzer to kill him.

Despite being dead, Baker suffered hallucination and guilt for responsible for Leggett's death as he told Leggett to hold the secret. The personality is the complete opposite of the normal Leggett. He is always tormenting Baker for his actions as a ghost.

Game Appearances Edit

Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 Edit

Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood Edit

Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway Edit

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  • Leggett is referred to as Pvt. "Kevin Leggett" in Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30, but in Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood he is called "Benjamin Leggett", both names are mentioned again in Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway.
  • In RTH30, Leggett was the last squad member to die.
  • In RTH30, Leggett's first name was "Kevin", the developers changed it to "Benjamin" in "Earned in Blood". Evidence of this is in both manuals of the said games.
  • Leggett's "ghost" is seen throughout Hell's Highway.
  • Leggett appeared in the Hill 30 mission (Bloody Gulch) in EiB, when Hartstock led his squad out to flank the Germans, he radioed for help. However, Leggett was killed before Hartstock and his squad came back.
  • His glasses also seem to haunt Baker as when he picks up an old pair of glasses, it makes him remember when he was knocked down to the bottom of a river by a Flak 88 round. Kevin's glasses drift by after that. This was a reference to Leggett's death.
  • He dies on the 13th of June. There are 13 soldiers in Baker's squad.
  • In Hell's Highway he gives the player a hint that the next Brothers in Arms will take place in Belgium asking Baker if he can handle snow.
  • He is the only person who wears glasses in the game.
  • Leggett's birthday was on the April 30, that was the day of the death of Adolf Hitler and the Fall of Saigon in Vietnam.
  • Leggett is not the only "ghost" that haunts Baker in Hell's Highway, (the other's are Pvts. Allen and Garnett ) but he appears in most missions.
  • Leggett is wearing the wrong type of uniform in Hell's Highway as he wore the standard uniform M43 seen in Holland instead the M42 Uniform that all Normandy soldiers wore. It is an slight error by the developers.
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