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Lost is the 2nd chapter of Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway. It shows the basic controls and tutorial of the game.


A soldier is lost, and Baker and Red must find their way or share his fate.


It start with Eindhoven under fire from Luftwaffe bombers and a girl got killed by Germans in an unknown hospital. Corrion is leading the squad to try and find Baker. Meanwhile, Baker found the soldier wounded and comfort him to his dying moments. As the soldier asked about the girl fate, Baker lied that she is ok. The soldier told Baker that he is a liar and suddenly, a German upstairs was shot by Hartsock and surprised to find Baker. The soldier died from his wounds and Baker retrieve his dogtags and gun before forced to leave as rubble drop on the soldier corpse. Baker soon collapse under grief.

Red get Baker up and both of them are ready to head back to their squad. As they went back to the hospital entrance, they fight some Germans in the hospital. On their way, Red express his guilt on unable to save the civilians during a blackout before moving forward.

They proceed forward and Baker move ahead to check the amphitheater, he saw on top of him and was knock out by a bomber's bomb that barely caught by the railings. He is caught surprised by three Germans pointing their guns on him with Baker raising his pistol against them. Red is horrified to see three gunshots in front of his eyes.


Rendezvous with the Squad[]

  • Exit the Hospital


  • Shot in the Dark
  • Take Cover
  • The Amphitheatre



American Weapons[]

German Weapons[]


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  • This is 1st & only time Baker uses an M3 Grease Gun.