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M1903 Springfield fitted with 2x optical telescope


The M1903 Springfield rifle, or just the Springfield (named after the famed Springfield Armory, where many famed firearms are made), was a standard issue, bolt-action rifle for American troops in WWI. The rifle is actually a modified and refined Mauser G98 rifle, its so similar that there was some legal issues, Mauser company tried to make the Springfield pay for using their design, but since the Germans lost WWI, their lost is thrown out eventually. Although replaced by the firepower-superior M1 Garand in 1936, it saw service throughout WW II as a reliable and highly accurate sniper rifle. Although the M1903 Springfield rifle has some problems and the scope was not suitable for adverse battlefield conditions, its excellent accuracy kept it in service. The Springfield M1903A4/A5 continued its career until the Vietnam War and was eventually replaced by the M21 and M40. The Springfield shot the .30 cal, or .30-06 round from a 5-round, internal box magazine.

Suggested Tactics in GameplayEdit

The M1903 Springfield, is found in both Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 and Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood as a scoped sniper rifle. It is highly accurate and kills at one hit most of the time, but it is a bolt action rifle, so using this rifle in close range is not recommended. Reloading is quite time consuming due to having to load only with single rounds, due to the placement of the scope, preventing from using stripper clips. So make sure to never run out of ammo when out in the open. Since this rifle is specialized in long range combat, get to the distance only you can shoot is a good idea, the problem of reloading can be elimated this way.

The rifle in both games is M1903A4 model, the Springfield does not appear in Hell's Highway.

In the unmodded Earned in Blood, this weapon is only available in skirmish mode used by Matt Baker, its a highly accurate and deadly weapon, even more effective than Scoped Mauser K98, the scope is also steadier and has a higher magnification.

In Hell's Highway, Gewehr 43 replaces the M1903 Springfield and Scoped Mauser K98 as Baker's primary sniper rifle.