M3A1 Submachine Gun (nickname: Grease Gun) is one of the American weapons used in WW2. It is in the hands of Paddock and Franky.

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The M3A1 "Grease Gun" was submachine gun used by the US Armed Forces during WWII. It fired the same .45 caliber pistol round as the Thompson submachine gun in a 30-round detachable magazine in fully automatic mode only. The name "Grease gun" is due to its appearance, resembles a garage tool. It could also be chambered quite easily to fire the 9x19mm Parabellum round by changing the barrel. The M3 was designed to supply the US and it's Allies with a cheaper, easier to produce alternative to the Thompson, while the M50 Reising, a purposed replacement of Thompson was proved to be not reliable enough. Along with M1 Carbine, it was used by many airborne troops and rear-echelon units due to its compact size, light weight, ease of operation, yet high fire power. The weapon would be latched onto their sides or stored in their leg bags.It got its name from its similar appearance to the grease gun used by mechanics. After the M3, the army developed the simpler M3A1 for the even faster production.

Suggested Tactics in Gameplay Edit

The Grease Gun makes its first appearance in Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood, the second game in the series and is also featured in Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway and is most commonly utilized by the assault team for its lightweight capability and useful for rushes. The Grease Gun's near identical appearance to the MP 40 from the first-person view often confuses many players who aren't familiar with the weaponry of WWII.

Grease gun

The gun in front of a burned out tank

The Thompson works better compared to this gun as the Grease Gun has a slower rate of fire and doesn't have the spray effect as the Thompson, but this weapon is a good choice while enemies are armed with bolt-action rifles like Kar98K, and it is a good weapon of choice if you need some suppressive fire at close to medium range. In Earned in Blood, you can get more ammo from your teammate, feel free to fire at your foes. In RtH30, you need to make your shot count. The friendlies armed with M3s can give you excellent suppression. In Hell's Highway, the gun is only found once by Baker, as it's original user was Franky.

In skirmish mode, it is often replaced by the MP 40 or StG 44 due to its limited ammo.

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