M3 Halftrack
The M3 Halftrack was an armoured vehicle used by the United States and its allies during World War II. The term halftrack comes from the short, caterpillar tracks on the back used to propel the vehicle. The front wheels, used to steer the vehicle, are rubber - similar to those found on the typcial truck or automobil. The M3 was used as a personnel carrier, anti-aircraft vehicle if Quad .50 is mounted, and even a self-propelled gun mounted with a 57, 75, or 105 mm cannon.

The M3 Halftrack is never encountered in either Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 or Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood during singleplayer missions. However, it seen as an unuseable object in some of the multiplayer missions. For example, one multiplayer mission in Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 has Allies side trying to defend an M3 while the Axis side tries to destroy it.

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