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M3 Stuart

M5 Stuart

M5 Stuart in D-Day

The M3 Stuart, formally "Light Tank M3", was an American light tank of World War II supplied to British and Commonwealth forces under the lend-lease act prior to the entry of the US into the war—and subsequently used thereafter by US and Allied forces until the end of the war. An improved version of the M3, called the M5 joined the line of Stuarts in 1943, the M5 continues to be used until Korean war.

Its equipped with short barrel 37.5mm cannon and 1 Browning M1919A4 .30 cal machinegun. (M5 has an extra .30 cal machinegun at its chassis) Though vulnerable to anti-tank fire, the armor of this light tank is tough enough to withstand small arms fire, but not designed for tank-on-tank battle. Its main gun, like many other allied tanks, is designed for infantry support, rather than defeating enemy armor, thus the M3 generally have trouble dealing with Panzer IVs or Panthers, which are quite common on the western front.

Players can command an M3 Stuart in Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 and M5 Stuart in Earned in Blood. In-game, the tank is vulnerable from enemy StuG lll fire, Pak 36 guns and Panzerfausts, three to four strikes will kill the lightly armored M3. The M3 is, however, much more manoverable than most other tanks in the series. You should use the manoverbility to your advantage, use it to clear MG nests or destory enemy assault guns (which has no rotating turret) should be fairly easy. But if you want less risk to your tank, move your armor to a safe spot and use the Panzerfaust to take out enemy armor. If needed, you can climb up and use the M2HB Browning to suppress the enemy, while you are mounting the gun, you can still order the tank or your squad to move. The same thing can be done with M4A1/M4A3 Sherman tank. Also, the tank can be used aggressively as mobile cover, the MG42 nest could be a headache, but this will be much easier if you have armor support.