M1 Bazooka


M9 Bazooka was the main infantry anti-tank weapon of the US Army in WWII and Korea. The Bazooka is the first man-portable anti-tank weapon to be used in the world. The bazooka fires a rocket propelled, 52/60 mm high explosive anti-tank (HEAT) round and was effective against most light to medium German armor, like early Panzer II and Panzer IIIs. The Germans were so impressed with the bazooka early in the war that they copied captured designs to create the Panzerschreck. Later in WWII, the Bazooka is no longer effective against more advanced German Armor, like Panther and Tiger tank, or other heavy Assault Gun. Allied Soldiers sometimes loot for Panzerfaust or Panzerschreck instead using Bazooka. The Bazooka was later upgraded to M20A1 "Super Bazooka" in the Korean War, due to the previous models lacking penetration power against the Soviet T-34-85's frontal armor, and was completely useless against heavier KV-1 or IS-2 tanks. According to the veterans, the M9 Bazooka round would just bounce off, especially when it struck the frontal slope armor of the tank. The Bazooka was eventually replaced by a much lighter, but at least as powerful if not more deadly, disposable AT launcher, the M72 LAW, as an infantry anti tank weapon. The reusable, shoulder-launched rocket launcher is still being used by U.S. however, the M3 Recoilless Rifle (The American variant of Carl Gustav Rocket Launcher) and Mk153 SMAW are being widely used today.

The M-1 Bazooka is seen in Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 during the mission Cat and Mouse (Tom and Jerry) as the 'US Bazooka' and the player is able to use it during the final part of the mission to take out the advancing German Panzer IVs and German infantry hiding behind cover. Like the Panzerfaust, the bazooka is capable of taking out an entire enemy squad with one rocket, and its really useful against almost anything if you mastered it. It is not seen at all in the unmodded Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood. In Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway the Fire Team will often be equipped with the M-9 Bazooka (The team are also known as Bazooka Team) allowing the player to order them to destroy enemy MG 42 nests, light cover, supply trucks and Panzer IV tanks, the Bazooka can also take out a group of enemies if they are in close proximity. Though the backblast of the Bazooka is huge, you can stand behind with no problem.

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