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Kevin Benjamin Leggett was the official radioman for 3rd Platoon, and he served under Baker during Operation "Overlord." He is one of the key characters in the plot of Road to Hill 30, then later a supporting character in Earned in Blood, and then finally appearing in Hell`s Highway in the form of flashbacks and hallucinations to Baker.

Leggett was born and raised in New York, in Brooklyn. He served in the US Army 101st Airborne Division, as a radio operator. During the first hours after the landing, his knowledge of French helped the team. Initially he was disliked by Allen and Garnett, which later lead to a terrible mistake that would change many people's lives.


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Did you know?

  • In the mission "Ambush at Exit 4", Leggett quotes a poem by Walt Whitman.
  • In the "Furious 4" Baker was originally planned to make an appearance in the story of the game.
  • Franky is the second character that is inscribed on the back of the Jeep, after Risner.
  • Parker of the mission "Five-oh-Sink" has the appearance of Friar.
  • "Buying the Farm" - is the only mission in Road to Hill 30, with one grenade.
  • The mission of "Baupte" was originally planned in the Road to Hill 30 as the last mission.
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You want me! Fucking take me! Take me!

-Leggett who is asking the Panzer to kill him.

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