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Brothers in Arms is a tactical shooter video game franchise that aimed to be historically accurate for the paratroopers in the 101st Airborne Division. This wiki shows all the parts of Brothers in Arms from the game, characters, the history setting behind the game and more. Anyone can edit the wiki as long it is relevant to the video game series we are focusing on. To know more about this wiki, click here.

It contains all the information of all the main games, spin off ones and many more. It also have a detailed page on the BiA chapters we have and some pages on characters and weapons. The infoboxes we have is well organized and easy to use. Other stuffs are still in progress but the wiki is doing decent.

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Beware soldier ! There is major spoiler for BiA series and it is best to play the games before you reading the wiki and help supporting. Just a advice and warning. A disclaimer here for all readers and editors.

Road to Hill 30

The first instalment of Baker's journey to Hill 30 near Carentan, France.

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Earned in Blood

The second installment to the series, the journey through Joe Hartsock's eyes.

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Hell's Highway

The third installment, Operation Market Garden through the city of Eindhoven, Netherlands.

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Featured Article:

Those We Lost is the 16th chapter and 7th cutscene chapter in Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway. The highway towards Arnhem still continues and Baker's unit is resting in Veghel before moving towards Uden as their new HQ. However, Dawson knew Leggett's secret in Normandy and threaten to tell the rest of the men.

Baker is suffering from hallucination of his dead squadmates and friends and hearing Paddock story about blaming himself killing Friar and Marsh force Baker to tell his men about what happened in Normandy ? To be more exact, what Leggett did during Allen & Garnett's death.


Quote of the Month:

FUCK... IF THEY'D JUST BEEN WITH ME! MAYBE THEY'D STILL BE ALIVE! MAYBE I COULD'VE SAVED THEM!... Maybe. -Baker's anger on Allen and Garnett's death.