Technician 5th Grade Nathan Holden was brought into Plt. Sgt. Matthew Baker's platoon for Operation Market Garden as a replacement for Kevin Leggett, who died three months earlier in June.


Born in San Diego, California, Holden attended Stanford until he joined the Paratroopers in 1944.He then entered the 506th Parachute Regiment. Prior to Operation Market Garden, he was transferred to the 101st Airborne Division to replace Kevin Leggett. At the same time, in the 506th Parachute Regiment, in return for Holden being transferred to Parker, Holden served as the radioman for Baker's platoon. During the Allied withdrawal to Koevering, Holden was selected by Baker to remain in a captured windmill with Sgt. Franklin Paddock, where they would try to get in contact with Allied forces.

Holden was the radioman in Baker's platoon, a job that fits him perfectly. He is constantly concerned about the efficiency of the communications and tactics and is quick to question the squad's methods or orders. The rest of them don't take him seriously in the fact that his logic rarely applies when things go FUBAR.

Holden would be successful in making contact, though his actions would be criticised by 1st. Sgt. Gregory Hassay after the building the 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment was using as a headquarters nearly collapsed in a friendly-fire incident involving coordinates given out by Holden and Paddock.[1]

He uses a M1 Garand Rifle. Despite being a newcomer, he adjusts well to combat and survives the Holland campaign.

Game Appearances Edit

Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway Edit


  • After Friar's death, Holden tells a distraught Paddock to talk to Campbell.
  • Holden planned to attend law school. 
  • In the mission 'Tooth and Nails', Holden actually has one stripe (Private First Class) instead of two stripes and a 'T' underneath (Technician Fifth Grade).
  • Holden is a part of Baker's Fire Team, under Cpl. Thomas Zanovich.
  • He can be recognized by his radio.


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