Operation GardenEdit

SEPTEMBER 18, 1944

First FloorEdit

Baker starts with a Thompson M1928 and an M1 carbine, with the Fire team and the Assault team at his command in a warehouse. First, Baker and his squad need to secure the bottom floor of Germans using the four Fs and shooting all the Germans. He kills the German anti-tank crew and moves up the second floor. He kills the MGs and the infantry. He then goes up the elevator then you see a cutscene.

Second FloorEdit

A cutscene where they go in the elevator and they think they are gonna get killed when they reach the next floor. The doors open and no Germans are around to shoot them down. The squad kill a panzerschreck squad and a patrol before reaching the roof.

The RoofEdit

When Baker reach the roof, a cutscene features with a sniper opening fire. Baker comes and kills him. He takes up his sniper and covers Nicholas' son Pieter, killing German machine gunners, panzerschrecks and infantry.

The TankEdit

The player takes control of the British tank commander, driving. your tank. He destroys Flak 88mm guns, panzershrecks and infantry.

Getting PieterEdit

Baker runs to get Pieter first. He kills a German manning a MG-42. He goes upstairs and finds Pieter who kills a German. Pieter, overcome with fear, points his pistol at Baker, thinking he is another German and yells at Baker to not come closer or he'll shoot him. Baker calms Pieter down by saying "I know...Nicholas". Realizing Baker was a friendly American, Pieter walked over to embrace Baker.


Baker: Fall in for a sec guys. Okay, this is the map that shoemaker wrote on. It shows an industrial area we have to clear for 30 Corps to get through. Wilder said the Krauts are spread all over.

Franky: What's all the red- Ack! Son of a bitch! What are they doing?

Corrion: Their thanking you.

He says this as apples are falling down hitting Franky on the helmet. The locals of Eindhoven are throwing apples at them to thank them for liberating them from the Germans.

Franky: Your welcome!

Baker: The red scribbling is the German positions he did find. They may still be accurate. Wilder also said the forward observer for 30 Corps is moving to our position. So we'll have tank support. And let's see if we can't find that kid!

Dawson: What's the story with this one kid? I mean, are we supposed to find him?

Corrion: We're supposed to do our job.

Dawson: Yeah but he's just a kid.

They walk past the German that Pieter shot and then they run up to the tank that's waiting for them.

Redwood: Are you Baker? Ah, the name's Redwood. We're here to help ya get through this shitehole. Perhaps make it a big safer for me boys in the 30. I'll follow your lead but don't go gettin' me killed. You can take this to make sure it don't happen that way.

Redwood throws a Thompson M1928 over to Baker.

Redwood: It's Jesus resurrected compared to your Yank Tommy!

They move out and clear the warehouse until they get to the elevator.

Baker: Fall in!

The squad goes into the elevator. As the doors close, they realize that they've made a horrible blunder.

Corrion: Oh shit...

Baker: I know.

Corrion: We just killed the Krauts that came off this elevator.

Dawson: Which means that their probably waiting at the top!

Baker: I know.

Dawson: Oh, God. We're really stupid.

Baker: I KNOW!

The elevator reaches the top floor but there are no Germans to greet them. Then Baker and his squad go around to start securing the top floor. They kill German panzerschrecks, machine gunners, infantryman and Flak 88 gunners. After that Baker and Holden goes through the building to clear it floor by floor. Then they reach the roof which is pretty easy to secure even with no cover. A cut scene then opens.

Baker grabs a Germans sniper as he sees mines exploding everywhere and many Germans down there. He sees Pieter jump out of a trailer and kill one German and runs away from the other Germans firing at him. He kills one more and is barely avoiding the Germans machine guns. As he's about to snipe one of the two remaining Germans, when an overhead P-47 Thunderbolt is shot down.

Baker: I want that 88 down! Right now!

Holden into radio: This is King White One...

Redwood: Just what I wanted. More targets to shoot. Move! I can't get a shot off!

The player takes control of the tank. Redwood succeeds in destroying the eight 88s. A cut scene opens. Baker and his squad approach Redwood.

Redwood: Hey, those are our boys! Watch what you aim at--civilians over there!

Baker: Stay put! I'm going after the boy!

Going into the building, Baker kills a machine gunner and goes upstairs. Pieter just shoots the last German, making him fall to the ground motionless. Overcome with fear, Pieter aims his pistol at Baker.

Pieter: Kom niet dichterbij! Ik ken jou niet! (Don't come closer! I don't know you!)

Baker: Okay, I'm not going to hurt you, son!

Pieter:Ik heb nog een kogel en die ga ik gebruiken als het moet! (I have one bullet left and I'm going to use it if i have to!)

Baker: I just want to take you to your dad.

Pieter: Ik schiet hoor! Ik ken jou niet! (I shoot you! I don't know you!)

Baker: I know...Nicholaas...

He drops the gun and runs into Baker's arms them both calming down.


  • At the beginning of the level, Redwood has a very strong Irish accent. But at the end when you take control of the tank, his voice is completely different, as it is a definite British accent. It is unknown why his voice changes so obviously throughout the level.
  • Redwood's line "It's Jesus resurrected compared to your Yank Tommy!" is a clear reference to the fact that many soldiers considered the M1928 Thompson far superior to the M1A1 Thompson due to it's better build quality, improved reliability and it's ability to accept large capacity drum magazines.