Operation Market is the 4th chapter of Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway. It introduces an new team, MG Team and shows the basics of squad controls, tactics and collectibles.

Introduction Edit

With the gliders on the ground, the operation is ready to roll.

Objectives Edit

Secure LZ 'W' Edit

  • Follow Your Compass
  • Locate Dutch Resistance
  • Eliminate German Patrol
  • Clear Germans from Farm
  • Clear Germans from Farmhouse
  • Repel German Counterattack
  • Patrol to Landing Zone
  • Defend Glider Crash Site
  • Rendezvous with Hartsock

Checkpoint Edit

  • Landing Zone 'W'
  • Germans in the Farm
  • Cleaning House
  • Counterattack
  • Along the Road
  • Gilder Infantry

Transcript Edit

Characters Edit

Weapons Edit

Teams Edit

MG Team: Edit

  • Pfc. Jasper
  • Pfc. Connor


Assault Team: Edit

  • Cpl. Zanovich
  • T/5. Holden
  • Pfc. McCreary

Trivia Edit

  • In the end cutscene, Corrion has a Staff Sergeant insignia on his uniform instead of a Corporal insignia.
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