Pieter (pronounced Pee-etter) is a small 12 year old boy from Eindhoven, Holland.

Hell's HighwayEdit

He first appears in the mission Written in Stone along with his father Nicholaas. Pieter runs away from his father to fight with a pistol he was given for protection. While on the run, he manages to ambush and kill several Germans in his path. Baker then sees him from the roof of the Philips factory and has to protect him with a sniper rifle. After a long and tiresome shoot-out, Baker finds him in the toy shop where he tells him that he's on his side. Pieter then hugs him and Baker takes him to his father in "Reunion".


In the mission "Baptism by Fire", the Germans bombed Eindhoven. As Baker discovers Marsh is dead, Paddock appears holding Pieter in his arms and places him on the ground. A building collapsed on Pieter and his father, killing them both. Later in the mission, as you escape the bomb shelter, visions of Pieter's face flash in front of you. After the face, the screen turns from blue to brown. His face, covered in blood, haunts Baker, who feels guilty and responsible for his death.

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