Pieter (pronounced Pee-etter) is son of Nicolaas and part of the Dutch Resistance with his father. He is killed with his father in the bombing and his death haunt Baker

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

His early life is unknown except he lives in Eindhoven with his father. His mother is not mentioned and presumebly killed by the Germans during the German occupation. This may fueled his anger and revenge against the Germans.

Operation Market GardenEdit

He is first mentioned by his father to Baker and his team as Nicolaas is worried his son might escape if he doesn't come back home soon. He appear with his father as Nicolaas meet Baker about the intel. Pieter is awe at the Americans paratroopers he saw. Later, he escape from his father fight Germans with the pistol that his father given him. He seen kill a German soldier in the alley with horror in his face.

He spotted by Baker who is scouting through a sniper. A German spotted Pieter in one of the train container but he was shot. Pieter leaves the train and run to the nearest cover, he finish off the German he shot earlier. Later, some Germans saw and heard the situation, proceed to shoot the little kid who is now suppressed. Despite the situation, Baker managed to fend off Pieter's attackers until he reach a toy shop. After the tanks clear the trainyard, Baker proceed to the toy shop and find Pieter. He seen killing another soldier and threaten to kill Baker, Baker managed to calm the kid down by mentioning his father name. This cause the kid to run to Baker and hug him.

He seen with the Allied parade in Eindhoven and riding on the tank with Baker. He spotted his father and reunite with him. His father later thank Baker for saving his son.


In the mission "Baptism by Fire", the Germans bombed Eindhoven. As Baker discovers Marsh is dead, Paddock appears holding Pieter in his arms and places him on the ground. A building collapsed on Pieter and his father, killing them both. Later in the mission, as you escape the bomb shelter, visions of Pieter's face flash in front of you. After the face, the screen turns from blue to brown. His face, covered in blood, haunts Baker, who feels guilty and responsible for his death.

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