Hartsock's introductionEdit

Marshall: So you knew going into St. Sauveur you were going to stay and fight?

Hartsock: Yeah, we were told to deliver the maps, but on the way we all decided we'd stay. Paddock especially. He believed in the objective. He wouldn't stop about the 4th Infantry needing us to clear the way to Cherbourg, how we needed to clear out the damn 88's so the tanks could get through. Funny thing was the maps didn't say anything about 88's... Paddock just guessed the Germans would need to put them there to protect the area.

Marshall: Was he right?

Hartsock: Yes, sir.


Doyle:Damn nice job,Red.Damn nice job.Wanna stick around for a bit?We're short handed around here,need all the men we can muster.Alright.I'll leave you with a tank,but I'm gonna need a few of your men for the main assault.

Paige:I'll go with ya.

Doyle:Alright.That's one.

Marsh:I'm with you.

McConnel:Well,I'm going if Paige is going.If anyone's gonna shoot him it's gonna be me.

Doyle:You guys are going to go down the right flank and focus on the mill.Keep the Krauts inside.That should allow us to take that bridge.Let's go.

Paddock:And watch out  for the 88's.

(After doyle's group left.)

Friar:You've been saying that for two hours now,i think you want there to be 88's so you can play hero.

Paddock:Well shit,Everyone wants to be a hero,friar. I just know there's gonna be 88's,you know?

Friar:No,I don't know paddock. let's get movin'.

Paddock:I'll race you to the castle.

(When they meet up with doyle.)

Doyle:Okay,new plan,red! you are going to up the left flank to that main bridge!

(Ps2 version)Blake:88!!!

Doyle's m10 blew up.

Doyle:Now this is all clogged up to shit & back!! your maps didn't say nothing about no fucking 88!!! son of a bitch!! i'm coming for you! make your peace with god!!! red.go!!!


Doyle:We're just now getting these tanks off the damn road. push on to the mill;we're right behind ya.

Later after taking the mill.

Doyle:I Got one,last favor,red.

Paige:You boys are starting to run a bit short on favors.

Doyle:We need you.

Paige:Well of course we're in. the 101st never turns down the opportunity to save the 82nd's ass.

(Level ends.)

Weapons Edit

  • M1A1 Thompson
  • M1 Garand

Difference in the PS2 Verision Edit

  • When doyle tells red that he's going to up the left flank to the main bridge,guy name blake cries out;


before doyle's m10 was blown up.

unknown if blake was the tank commander to either red's or doyle's m10 tank.

  • Campbell & mcconnell are absent(the latter is left out in the PS2 Version.)
  • Doyle is still labeled corporal.
  • Paddock's weapon is a m1a1 thompson,while friar's weapon is a m1 garand.
  • In the end,doyle & paige each has an m1 garand.,plus,doyle is labeled as a part of the assault team.