The Sturmgeschütz III, or StuG III for short, was an assualt gun used by the Wermacht "German Army" during WWII. Built on the chassis of the Panzer III tank was, it was initially designed for infantry support, urban assault and mobile gun support. However, the StuG III, with it's relatively low silhouette and eventually a more powerful 75mm main gun, it became a formidable tank destroyer. Unlike the M4 sherman tank, the Panzer IV, and other comtempory tanks, tank destroyers did not have turrets that could be rotated. This meant that the Stug III had to face it's target directly and if the gun could not be aimed directly at the target, than the entire vehicle had to rotate. Despite being troublesome to aim, when properly deployed, the Stug III was one of the best anti-tank weapons in the German arsenal, effective at both east and western front, taking out a large number of M4 Sherman and T-34 tanks. Its smaller size means its harder to hit, especially at long distances. In addition, the Stug III was considerable cheaper and easier to produce, making the vehicle even more appealing to the German High Command. The Stug IIl was typically armed with a 75 mm High velocity main gun (at least in the later years of the war) and not armed with any machineguns, therefore it was easy for allied soldiers to plant explosives, throw a molotov cocktail or use Bazooka or captured German Panzerfaust against it, the later model Stug IV did add a frontal MG 42 to defend against infantry attack.

In Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 and Earned in Blood, the Stug III is encountered on several singleplayer missions. The Stug III can be a real challenge for the player. However, if they can get behind the tank, the player can 'mount' the vehicle and toss in a grenade to destroy the tank once the tank commander is killed. Also, if the player has a US tank as part of their squad, the M4 and M5 stuart tank are able to destroy Stug's in the game, if you move the tank frequently the StuG III should have difficulty to target your tank. The M5 Stuart has the advantage of range and line of the sight than Stug III, thus putting the tank at a distance and there is a good chance that your tank will kill the enemy assault gun without taking too much damage. In game the Stug III is still using the shorter barrel cannon, possibly the L/42 50mm cannon used by early Panzer IIIs, the vehicle with this armament is still being used in the Normandy-era.

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