"Whoever makes it to the other side alive, wins."
— Sergeant Seamus Doyle

The All Americans - Part 1 is the 15th chapter of Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood. This chapter is the first part of The All Americans.

Introduction Edit

Hartsock and his squad are cut off; they need only sweep through the city and eliminate the enemy where they find them, clearing the way for the 82nd and Glider infantry.

Objectives Edit

Clear the city of St. Sauveur Edit

Elements of the 82nd were charged with clearing out St. Sauveur so that the 90th Infantry Division could roll through on their way to Cherbourg.


Hartsock's introductionEdit

Marshall: So you had to dig the Germans out of St. Sauveur?

Hartsock: Yeah, we realized once we actually got to the castle just how much digging we had to do. We got there and the whole damn place was destroyed. Everything was pretty much gone 'cept the castle. Like a fortress on a hill.

Marshall: Well, that's what St. Sauveur was, Sergeant. The fortress on the hill.


Red and his squad along with Doyle stood at the corner of the city St, Sauveur. Most of the buildings are in rubbles and the city is destroyed beyond recognition.

Paddock: Holy shit,look at this place. You sure this is where we're supposed to be?

Friar: We must have bombed it to flush out the Germans. But since they haven't exactly packed up and left,I'm guessing they're not just gonna hand it over.

Doyle: That's the mission. Sorry,boys.

Paddock: Well,I guess if you guys are all feeling crazy enough to go in there... then I am too.

Paige: We said we'd help you out and all,but Christ Almighty,Doyle... we go in there we aren't coming back out.

Doyle: Then it was a pleasure knowing you all. Whoever makes it to the other side alive... Wins.

Doyle left with Paige to fight the Germans in other side of the city. Red and his men are ready to take on the defending Germans who still reside the city.

Characters Edit

Weapons Edit

American Weapons Edit

German Weapons and Vehicles

  • StG 44
  • MG 42 (Mounted)
  • Panzer IV


Difference in the PS2 Version Edit

  • Doyle & Paige each carries an M1 Garand.
  • Friar carries an M1 Garand,while Paddock & Marsh each carries an M1A1 Thompson.
  • McConnell is absent.(still left out in the PS2 Version.)

Trivia Edit

  • There are 5 Jeeps & 5 Trucks(still standing.).
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