The First Bad News is the 7th chapter of Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway. This chapter shows Baker learns what happened to Lt.Col.Cole

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Bad news travels one soldier at a time.

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A few Planes flew,as Baker was sitting, Corrion & Zanovich walk up.

Zanovich: Eah. You want some coffee,Baker?

Corrion: Hey,Mac needs to talk to you.

As Baker was heading was heading his way he saw Dawson talking with Franky & McCreary.

Dawson: What about you,Franky? Do you believe in fate?

McCreary: Yuh, Not this shit again! I'm getting some of that coffee.

McCreary walks off. Dawson stare at Baker as he walk by.

Dawson: I'm Serious.

Franky: Damn,I don't know,Daws; Some people get shot: Some people don't-- Don't seem to make shit for sence.

Baker walks by Roselli & Jasper talking to each other,

Roselli: Just ask Yourself honestly,could I lug around & fire a twenty pound gun all day?

Jasper: Do You live in a Fantasy world? Is it nice there? I'm carrying a Goddamn Bazooka!

Baker saw Dr.Gideon sitting next to a jeep with a couple of dead bodies on it,then goes in Mac's tent.

Baker:Everything okay? Who's that?

Mac:It's Lieutenant Colonel Cole,Matt.

Baker:What? How? What?!

Mac tells Baker what happened back to when Cole was leading.

Doran: There's krauts everywhere. White One! We need support now, Goddamn it!

Radio: Say again! Over!

Doran: This is Kickoff Blue! There's jerry all over! We need support now! We got MG,Mortars,Arty,Every goddamn thing firing as us!

Cole: Doran! I don't give a shit what bullshit they're giving you! Whatever breath you got left,you use it to scream into that goddamn radio! & keep your head down!

Doran: This is Kickoff Blue! Can anyone hear me?

Cole: Doran,keep your goddamn head down!

An explosion happened & Doran was killed.

Cole:Bob. Bob!

As Mac tells Baker what happened, planes flew by, Cole order his men,1 Kingsley was shot,laying there,while another,Walton,also injured cuffs up blood.

Mac: When our planes started strafing,as he ran a few of our men into the field to lay panels. He was behind the other men & just... Well,he was... Straightening the panels.

Baker: Why would he...?

Mac: Matt,I have no idea! He did that a couple of times & then... Then there was a crack...

Cole was shot in the head,killed.,Mac burst into a house.

Mac: We never found the sniper-- Just the tally he left behind on the windowsill.

Mac look at the tally as the German Sniper had killed 8 men,including Cole. Mac finished his story.

Mac: I mean he was there, & then he wasn't. It just doesn't make any goddamn sense.

Baker:It never does.

Hartsock & Paddock are talking.

Paddock: Oh,Should I go get a ruler? My moneys on Roselli.

Baker walks up.

Baker: Red,I need to talk to you for a second.

Mac talks with Col.Sink about what happened to Cole.

Sink: This is a terrible loss,Sergeant. did you get the bastard?

Mac stays quiet,simply shook his head,then...

Mac :Sir?

Sink: Yes,Sergeant.

Mac: Did you get word from Division yet about where Recon is going?

Sink: Well,my guess is you'll want to tell them yourself,Sergeant.

Mac: Yes,Sir! I'd like that very much,Sir.

In the tent,Baker got through telling Red about what happened to Cole.

Hartsock: Why would he do that?! Why would he do something so goddamn reckless?!

Baker: He saved a lot of lives,Red.

Hartsock :& now how many will die,because he isn't around to lead them? It's not about one battle,Matt.

Baker:Would You prefer he was still around with nothing to lead instead? What's the life of one officer worth to you? Twenty Men? Forty?

Hartsock: You know damn well,I value...

Mac came in.

Mac:Everything alright here?

Hartsock: Just talking! What do you need?

Mac: Division has ordered your men to Eindhoven to rendezvous with Sink & the 506. You'll be linking up with thirty corps. Good luck.

Hartsock: That it?

Mac:If you want my advice-- & that's rhetorical-- Keep the war out there.

Mac walks off,as Baker & Red ready their mission.

Cutscene Ends.

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