The Rabbit Hole is the 12th chapter of Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway. This chapter is special from the others as you have horror theme, stealth playthough and no squad to command with.

Introduction Edit

Sometimes being alone is the hardest battle of all.

Objectives Edit

Find Franky Edit

  • Eliminate German Patrols
  • Enter the Hospital
  • Search for Franky

Rendezvous with the Squad Edit

  • Exit the Hospital

Checkpoints Edit

  • The Girl in White
  • Hide and Seek
  • Chasing Ghosts
  • Just Save One
  • Second Time Around

Transcript Edit

Baker woke up in the stream after he jump down the building and fell into the river. He looked around and saw that he was flowed to somewhere and lost all his equipment with only his pistol as his defense. He climb up the river bank to see where he is. He saw a large building in the distance and German patrols around the area. Another thing caught Baker attention is the girl, the girl who followed Franky that he tried to protect is now captured by German infantry. The girl struggle with the German, and as she released herself from the German, his friend shoot her down with the hat that Franky gave falls. Shocked at the situation, Baker goes down the bank to compose himself. "If the girl is here, Franky must be somewhere around here. I have to find him," Baker thought and prepare to fight the Germans.

Looking up the bank, he saw two German soldiers patrol nearby. Looking around his surroundings, he have few ways to go through before engaging the Germans. He can go to his left and sneak through the river and head to the left flank or to his right where resistance is lesser but have enough cover for the Germans. He checked his ammunition and only left 9 clips for his pistol. He needs to grabs MP 40, regardless of which soldier as a real weapon against the Germans, especially when he have no squad around him.

After taking down the German patrol outside, he soon approach the asylum entrance. He saw the girl again and was thinking "Poor girl, how am I suppose to tell Franky about this". He entered the asylum with the entrance blocked, he is now trapped in abandoned asylum which is crawling with Germans. As he explore the entrance, he saw Franky jacket on the ground, proving that he was in this asylum. With this information, he decided to find Franky. He can either fight the Germans inside the asylum or stealthy sneak by and avoid combat.

Baker reach the amphitheater and found Franky running to another area.

Baker: Franky!

Characters Edit

Brothers in arms

Searching for Franky

Weapons Edit

Trivia Edit

  • It is the only chapter where Baker have no squad to command.
  • Stealth is allowed to be used.
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