Private Thomas Locke was a paratrooper attached to the 101st Airborne Division during their 1944 drop into Normandy.

Appearances Edit

He is seen in the missions Purple Heart Lane, Cole's Charge and at No Better Spot to Die, he appears wounded and is seen holding onto it while nearby an ammunition crate.

In Earned in Blood he appears In the "Action at St. Martin" mission, in wich he is injured together with Nicholas Hooper and Boyd.

Hill 30 Edit

He is left wounded and untreated, and possibly dies while Baker went to find the tanks. It is likely that he died by bleeding out or was hit by another stray bullet during the battle. His body, along with others, is missing at the end of the mission. It is possible that he survived the Mission Hill 30 in EIB.

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Trivia Edit

  • He is a template character, which explains why he was used a lot of times during the first two games, he is the first one wounded at the Battle of Hill 30.