• I know I am not suppose to ask another wiki manager for a different one but I need help. Max Payne Wiki which I just got my admin key got have masssive problem related to the wiki like the infoboxes clour is not changing, categories is not updated, redlinks templates that can't be removed normally and other problems I haven't encountered. Since you are the template expert, could come to thye Max Payne Wiki and see you can solve some of it?

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    • Hi, I would be more than happy to take on the Max Payne Wiki if you would like me to! 

      One thing that immediately comes to mind, is that a lot of Wiki features are not enabled. I would suggest enabling them in the Wiki Features section in the Admin Panel, or I can enable them for you. These are Message Wall and Europa Infobox theme (this is causing the infobox issue).

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    • Thanks for the advice. Although i want to keep the talk page and non Europa infobox. If it to fix the problem, so be it.

      How does the message wall affect the infobox problem ? Why the colour stick around despite changing the theme ? Either way, your solution works.

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    • Europa infobox means infoboxes use the wiki's theme: "Enable a new look for your infoboxes to fully benefit from your wiki's color theme!", that's the problem you were describing when yoiu said "infobox colour not changing", correct?

      As for the Message Walls, they dont affect the infoboxes but since this Wiki you admin already uses Message Walls I figured you might want to update the Wiki's old Talk Pages into Message Walls. Message Walls are more user friendly and make it more likely for contributors to stick around, while Talk Pages can look more confusing and less straightforward to those new to editing. This is why I recommended turning it on.

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    • Oh, that makes sense. Is there a way to change the colour of infobox without using Europa one?

      Another thing, we still have other templates problems to deal with especially the testcases and sandboxes redlinks ? How do I remove them when they are not in the content.

      Also, why the infoboxes in Max Payne Wiki have extra bar on the top unlike normal ones?

      Is there anything to improve Brothers in Arms Wiki pages like the About one ?

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    • The infobox colours, when Europa theme is enabled, should just change automatically. If you link me the infoboxes you have problems with and tell me what the desired behaviour is, I will investigate!

      Regarding the rest, please post links to the ones you have problems with, I'll clean up the broken links. 

      Please note that I am not as much around in the weekdays, only in the weekends (I am part time staff). I will get back to you aboutt he last two points soon!

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    • Ok got it. Here is the screenshot:

      Screenshot (1)

      The bar on top

      One question: when I use message wall to unregistered users, it never appear in my notifications. Why?

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    • Could you please clarify what your intention is with changing infobox colours?

      "we still have other templates problems to deal with especially the testcases and sandboxes redlinks" - please link the templates in question so I can investigate

      " why the infoboxes in Max Payne Wiki have extra bar on the top unlike normal ones?" - i fixed this, it was an issue with the noinclude tags after the infobox code. Let me know if other templates have this and I'll update them!

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    • The redlinks are gone already and I thought I could still use the non-Europa infoboxes like in my Alpha Protocol Wiki as their colour still connect with the wiki theme colour.

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    • no, once you enable europa theme, all infoboxes follow wiki theme as far as I know.

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    • Is there a way to customize the notices?

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    • Yes, which notice would you like to customise and in what way?

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    • The stub and I want a cleanup template as well.

      You see the notices where they have quotes, that the customatzation that I want

      Another question, what cause your infobox to not saved, when I create an infobox, it tries to save once but can't and save twice, it loops perpetually. What cause the problem and is there a way to prevent it? I had to edit manually instead through source editor

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    • To clarify, are tehse the ones you mean?



      I'd like to know more about the desired customisation, would you be able to link an example I could go off of please?

      I'm not sure what could cause infoboxes not to save, I never use the infobox builder, just the source editor. How often do you experience this issue?

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    • The templates: Yes The cutomization of these templates is that I would like to add a quote like some wiki did with their templates.

      For the infobox, just go to the Infobox Brothers in Arms Games where I can't save in infobox builder, only in source editor I can save.

      Alpha Protocol Wiki, my first wiki also suffered the infoboxes as well. No Problem for my other wikis.

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    • Can you help me add subgroup into the navbox template?

      The notices example is like this and this

      Can you help in designing infobox for battles, I officially putting the wikipedia infobox battles to the fandom, can you help me in this?

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    • Sure, what quote do you want on them?

      I'll ask my team if they heard of the infobox problem!

      If you could tell me about the infobox you want the subgroups added to and tell me how you want them laid out, I can do that for you.

      As for battle infoboxes, again, if you could tell me about all of the info you'd need on it or maybe provide an example of styling, I can do that too!

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    • “I need suppression fire on the Krauts! Right Now!” for the stub and "Baker, I need the page cleanup right now! That's an order!" for the cleanup. Try to change the stub quote into wiki related.

      Just go to the template navbox and see you can add subgroups like group1.1. I don’t how to edit navbox and had someone in Community Central to help me.

      Well, take an example of battle page in Wikipedia like battle of hill 30. I want to replicate the info box but with modern sense.

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    • Let me know how you like my edits to the stub and cleanup templates.

      As for the navbox, I will need you to explain this a little bit more, i dont understand what you'd like. Please link me the actual templates and pages you are referring to.

      When you say subgroups, do you mean something like this?

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    • Nice style, thanks! The subgroups are like this

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    • Thanks for the example, i can do that for you. Is it this template you want to have subgroups or another one ?

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    • Yes and the max payne wiki. I was wondering is the licensing of the photos is working. I choose the license but the template doesn’t shows up

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    • Can you show me how you are selecting the license and where you're expecting it to show up please? Please bear with me regarding the navbox, I'll get on it in the next few days.

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    • It was supposed to show in the description with the heading licensing and a template of which license I choose but it doesn't appear with the latest photo I upload.

      For the navbox, I can wait longer. How about the infobox battle going on?

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    • Actually I have some questions regarding this navbox template, how many variations would you make from it? Considering the current template with its if functions, if might be better to make a new navbox template than rewriting the current one. It'd help to know how many big groups and subgroups you'd want, and whether you want this template to also feature if functions?

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    • Tough decision, Here are my reply:

      1. Maybe more than one since I have other wiki that might need Navbox

      2. The groups maybe maximum 10 or 16. Who knows?

      3. Yes the template feature it’s functions

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    • After some further investigation into the template, it seems that a navbox like this would require the Lua Module and some pretty complex implementation.

      After consulting my team, I've been advised to link you articles on why you should reconsider the choice of using navboxes. One of it is Progressive Design - it's to do with portability, and the other one is about Navigation .

      I would suggest you read this and rethink navboxes before we proceed further with this.

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    • Should I use navbox or not? I read the articles and they told me about displaying data. I think it is better to use navbox since there is other wiki that might need to use and maybe help editors to understand navbox better. The articles mentioned tabbers, in what way to use them?

      PS What about the infobox battle? Is it done yet?

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    • Please refer to this:

      Some rules of thumb:

      • If an article is part of a group of articles, and order doesn't matter, consider whether that navbox group should be a category instead. Categories are easily navigated using Mercury and Mobile Main Pages, and can be linked to in wikitext. They can also hold narrative or data content just like an article, which is seen in Mercury. Context and describing what that group is are more important to readers and search engines alike than a pool of links, as relevance and relationship are key to understanding.
      • If an article is part of a group, but has an ordered relationship with one or more of them (like a previous / next relationship), those are data fields that can and should be navigated in an infobox.
      • If an article has a one-to-one relationship with a parallel article (for example, it links to the gallery or some other subpage of the main article), links in the <navigation> tag of a Portable Infobox are ideal.

      Tabs used at the top of pages to move through sub-articles and to parallel articles are still common on a lot of communities, but make for a very tricky design pattern. In some cases, the tabs used for navigation will cause a blank page to appear on mobile devices. For most articles, the easier way to link to articles with a specific relationship is in the infobox, as mentioned above.

      and this:

      They are hidden in most cases on the Fandom mobile skin due to usability concerns, as they are on Wikipedia’s mobile skin and apps. Clustering links together in blocks is not finger friendly, and there are historically few good ways to lay these out on small, tall devices like mobile devices. Also, repeating the same exact block of code on multiple articles, particularly on short articles, detracts from their uniqueness and has a negative SEO effect.

      Sidebars (sometimes called vertical navboxes) are navboxes similar to infoboxes in layout, and their functions are replicated in the <navigation> tag of Portable Infoboxes. Usage in this manner is a good idea, as it provides mobile-friendly page switching in the “above the fold” area and consistently looks good on small screen devices. 


      as for the infobox, I said twice already that I need a specific list of data you'd like to display, otherwise I cannot create the template.

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    • So don’t use Navbox, I don’t really have a choice. For now, I still have categories as link I guess.

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    • With the infobox issue, what is it that you are having trouble with when it comes to attempting to create the battle infobox? Have you tried reading this and this ? I'm here to advise and help you but I cannot just do things for you as if I was a regular editor. I can help you find the relevant documentation and help you if you get stuck however.

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    • Never mind, I solve the infobox battle problem already.

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