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Hartsock: "I didn't see any of the guys again until later that evening. We linked back up with the last of 2nd squad. Corporal Doyle was still looking for men from his unit."
Marshall: "From the 82nd? He was a long way from his objective in St. Sauveur."
Hartsock: "Yes, Sir. Well, I was a long way from Carentan. Sir."
Marshall: "This was just after you, Sgt. Baker, Pvt. Allen, and Pvt. Garnett cleared out an entire platoon in Foucarville? You must have been pretty tired by then..."
Hartsock: "I don't remember the last time I wasn't, sir..."
Marshall: "Sounds like you boys had quite a crowd for this mission."
Hartsock: "Yeah."
—Hartsock Interview

Three Patrol Action is the 4th chapter of Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood. This show all the 1st and 2nd Squad fight with 3rd Squad.


Hartsock is reunited with Sgt. Baker and some old friends in an effort to take out a large German convoy that has just rolled into town. 


Red joined 3rd Platoon in a team effort to take out a convoy and German force in a hamlet near Haut Fournel as the same German force that occupied Foucarville that Baker and his team retook and hour ago. The place serve as attacking position on the invasion northern lines which might threaten the invasion itself. The mission is to take the hamlet to prevent any German attack.

Red lead 2nd Squad, Paddock and Friar, along his own team, Allen & Garnett and Doyle who still stick with Red as he is still looking for his unit. Baker on the other hand took Corrion and Desola and the rest of 1st Squad. Red's team headed into the town and clear Germans on the way. They also met some machine gun posts and halftrucks that are carrying 88s.

After Red's team eliminate any opposition, they met Baker's team who revealed that Corrion went missing and suspected hiding behind enemy lines. Red's team proceed to clear the area and found Corrion in the mud, who was hiding in there. Corrion soon head back to his team and Red's team move forward until they reach a field where the Germans are retreating along with a halftruck and Mac was there to clear the field. Red's team pushed into the field where they reach mortar fire and German fire but managed to escape unscathed and eliminate the rest. They also pursue to halftruck till its dead end and kill its machine gunner.

They regrouped Baker's team and reported that they only took down one 88 carried by the halftruck while the other got away. The platoon soon retreat out of town and back to safety.


Clear the hamlet of Haut Fournel[]

The hamlet of Haut Fournel housed many of the Germans who attacked Foucarville and other postions along the far north flank.



American Weapons[]

German Weapons[]


Assault Team:[]

  • Cpl. Paddock - M3 Grease Gun
  • Cpl. Doyle - M1A1 Carbine
  • Pvt. Friar - M1A1 Carbine

Fire Team:[]

  • Pvt. Allen - M1 Garand
  • Pvt. Garnett - M1 Garand


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Talking to Squadmates[]


The German Half-Track - Easy[]

The German Half-Track (1).jpg

The German SdKfz 251 Halftrack was introduced into action in 1939. Halftracks were technologically advanced vehicles capable of transporting troops and delivering supplies at speeds comparable or greater than those of the tanks they were designed to support.

The German Half-Track (2).jpg

Virtually every nation involved in WWII made extensive use of halftracks; however, no nation relied more heavily on them than the Germans.

The German Half-Track (3).jpg

Throughout the course of the war, the Germans designed and built thousands of halftracks in numerous variations. Primarily designed to be an armored troop transport, these versatile vehicles ended up being used in numerous other applications, from ambulances to mobile machine gun platforms.

The German Half-Track (4).jpg

The SdKfz 251, found in Brothers in Arms Earned in Blood, was one of Germany's more commonly used halftracks - especially in Normandy battles.

Three Patrol AAR - Normal[]

This page begins a section of an official After Action Report about the Three Patrol Action, which is the historical reference for the chapter of the same name in Brothers in Arms Earned in Blood.

Company C was supposed to go to Beuzeville au Plain and set up its road blocks there, but in setting about that mission it became engaged around the hamlet of H.Fournel and did not get past there. The effect which it produced on the enemy with a remarkably small number of men, however, was considerable and contributed as much as anything to the Battalion record for that day. Though Capt. Fred A. Hancock refers to his "platoons" on that day, it will be seen that they were hardly more than fairly strong patrols numbering two squads or fewer each.

This page of the AAR recounts the decision to split the force to deal with the German half-track...

From his position to the rear of the hamlet, Hancock could get very little impression of this engagement. He knew that the point had gone on, and hearing the sound of firing, he presumed it was encountering enemy force of some size. What he would have done then remain a question had he suddenly noted German arty pieces (two 88's with half-tracks) come down the road through the village and halt in front of him. The capture of the guns then became the all-important consideration. He split his force two ways: 17 men with Lieut. Bernard Bucior were to make a wide sweep to the left while Lieut. Jack Borcherdt with 17 men would come in from the right of Fornel on a some-what shorter axis.

This page of the AAR talks about the paratroopers' use of enemy weapons, including an MG, to destroy a platoon of Germans before taking mortar fire themselves. Also interesting is the reference to scattered, mixed units in the area.

There was no longer any firing near them, but they could hear mortar fire on the village and they saw a house burning. The man with the Schmeiseer yelled, "Look out!" He was on the right, and had spotted 20 Germans coming across the field towards them. Matthews could see them through the gate. He and the 82nd man stood in the roadway in plain sight and poured fire at them. As it became necessary to change belts on the MG, Matthews and hicks changed places. About 16 of the enemy were cut down and did not move from where they fell, the MG driving in all two belts. The two riflemen kept firing off to the left through the orchard; they were getting some fire from the flank. Ten minutes passed. A mortar shell dropped square in the middle of the road.

At one point in the Three Patrol Action fight, a soldier covers up in mud to hide from the enemy. As a nod to the true story, the circumstance is represented in the Three Patrol Action chapter of Brothers in Arms Earned in Blood.

Smit sent Boone to the court-yard to look for a way out as grenades again began to fall around the building. Boone returned and said, "There isn't any exit." Smit told him to scale the wall; and as he jumped up beside Boone, he heard running feet, as if the Germans were coming around to head him off. Twenty yards beyond the wall was a hedgerow with a muddy wallow beside it. They dove into the mud and covered themselves with it so that only their lips and noses were sticking out.

Maps and Photos of the Three Patrol Area - Difficult[]

Maps and Photos of the Three Patrol Area (1).jpg

The "Three Patrol Action" takes place between the village of Foucarville and the hamlet Haut Fournel.

Maps and Photos of the Three Patrol Area (2).jpg

This photograph was taken by Gearbox developers during one of several trips to Normandy to survey the locations to be recreated in Brothers in Arms Earned in Blood. Besides the paved road and modern signs, very little has changed over the last 60 years in this section of Normandy, France.

Maps and Photos of the Three Patrol Area (3).jpg

This layout image from the game was used to color-code unique buildings with labels that link to photographs and video segments of their real counterparts. The thousands of photographs and dozens of hours of video footage captured by the Gearbox survey teams in France were used during development to recreate each building and road as it is in real life.

Maps and Photos of the Three Patrol Area (4).jpg

This picture was taken in the Three Patrol Action area. The following image, taken from the game, demonstrates how closely the real environments are recreated in Brothers in Arms Earned in Blood. In this photo, Gearbox developers discuss the action that took place here 60 years ago with the people who live in the house today.

Maps and Photos of the Three Patrol Area (5).jpg

Compare this in-game image to the previous picture, of the same location in real life, to get a sense of how much care has gone into recreating real locations fro Brothers in Arms Earned in Blood.

Ranks and Insignias - Authentic[]

Ranks and Insignias (1).jpg

Symbols are very important to soldiers. They serve to enhance pride and to rally courage when times are rough. The 101st Airborne Division is very proud to be called the Screaming Eagles - their shoulder patch is shown here.

Ranks and Insignias (2).jpg

Military ranks are not just about who is in charge - they are also a badge of leadership. Leaders advance in rank as they demonstrates more capability to take responsibility for the lives of their soldiers, their assigned equipment and the accomplishment of their assigned tasks. The table shown here illustrates the common ranks for enlisted soldiers of the U.S. Army during WWII.

Ranks and Insignias (3).jpg

This table shows the ranks for officers of the US Army during WWII.

Ranks and Insignias (4).jpg

In addition to ranks, which distinguish leader from led, the 101st Airborne Division used a system of identification symbols that were painted on both sides of a soldier's helmet. These symbols were used to identify each regiment and battalion.

Ranks and Insignias (5).jpg

Sergeant Hartsock and Sergeant Baker are in the 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment. The designation of this regiment was a white heart. This photo shows a re-enactor wearing the authentic uniform of a paratrooper in the 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment. Notice the heart on the side of his helmet.



  • This Level takes place between after Foucarville Blockade and before Rommel's Asparagus.
  • 3rd & Final Level where you got Doyle under Your Command.
  • This is the first chapter Allen and Garnett appear in Earned in Blood.
  • 1st Squad(Campbell,Paige & McConnell) was also in this Level, they appear missing from Baker side and not even mentioned.

Difference in the PS2 version[]

  • Campbell, Paige, and McConnell is absent.
  • Doyle, Paddock, and Friar all carries an M1A1 Thompson.
  • Red's weapons are M1 Garand and M1A1 Thompson instead of just an M1 Carbine.