Private First Class Timothy Connor is Jasper's assistant on the machine gun and Bazooka. He is a new character in Hell's Highway.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Timothy carries two ammo belts for the machine gun on his body stretching from his back to lower abdomen and cross his chest or a backpack contain bazooka rockets: whenever he uses the MG or Bazooka he has ammo for the situation. He uses an M1A1 Carbine. Connor also has a cigarette box attached behind the elastic band on his helmet. Connor plays a minor role in the game.

Hell's Highway[edit | edit source]

The only real time that Connor is heard talking is at the beginning of Baptism of Fire when Baker orders him and Jasper to shoot the Germans by the wall and he replies saying, "Oh, I've been waiting for this! Firing!" The only other time he is heard talking is when he is injured and he will usually scream, "Fucking Krauts got me!".

Appearences[edit | edit source]

Brothers in Arms: Hell`s Highway[edit | edit source]

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