'Tooth and Nail' is the final combat mission in 'Brothers in Arms; Hell's Highway.' The mission takes place after the initial failure of 'Operation Market Garden,' when the Allies were trying to keep 'Hell's Highway' open to move wounded men and supplies back into Belgium. The mission starts East of Koevering in the outlying sand dunes, but later makes its way into the town itself.


(The dialogue begins with Baker having another daydream about Leggett).

Leggett; "You want me!? Fucking take me! TAKE ME!!!"

Leggett; "Now this looks familiar. Well, I think your losin' it."

Baker; "What do I do?"

Leggett; "Find it."

(Baker wakes up from his daydream)

Sink; "Now there's a windmill just on the other side of the sand dunes."

Sink; "We know the majority of the Germans are still defending from inside the houses beyond that."

Sink; "You're gonna need to get an OP up there so those bastards will have nowhere to run."

Baker; "Paddock!"

Baker; "Can you get me and Holden up there?"

Paddock; "I could get a piano up there!"

Sink; "Call in arty, then focus your firepower on every last kraut that squeaks out of there."

Sink; "The Five oh Deuce and the 506th are gonna be moving into Koevering after you. So rendezvous with whoever you can find."

Sink; "Good luck, gentlemen."

Baker; "Yes, sir!"

(Later after reaching the windmill)

Paddock; "We'll set up radio com!"

Baker; "Alright, Paddock and Holden are gonna stay behind and set up radio com."

Baker; "McCreary, Dawson, Courtland, you're with Zanovich."

Baker; "McConnell and Roselli, you're with Campbell."

Baker; "We're all going in together!"

(Later after rendezvousing with the 502nd)

Mac; "Which one of you assholes was firing the arty all over the place? We almost had a building come down on top of us!"

Baker; "Paddock."

Mac; "Oh. Well, that makes sense."

Mac; "Alright. They're rallying around a strong 88 position where the road forks just south of here. I got a column of tanks due in at 0930, but we won't be able to link up with the 506 till that obstacle is cleared."

Baker; "I'm on it!"

Mac; "I didn't ask you to-"

Baker; "Mac! I said I got it!"

Mac; "Of course you do. Take one of the tanks with you at least."

(After completing the last part of the mission)

Baker; "That cold September, 34,600 soldiers of the Allied forces set foot on Dutch soil to embark on 'Operation Market Garden' and take the war across the Rhine into Germany."

Baker; "On September 27th, the combined assaults of the 506th and the five oh deuce, which included the 101st recon squads, were able to drive the German forces from their stronghold in Koevering."

Baker; "It was here, that the men of the 101st learned that the British forces at Arnhem could no longer hold their defense against the might of the German armor."

Baker; "They gave their all for reinforcements that would not arrive."

Baker; "As thirty corps - ambushed, battered, wounded, and dying - would never reach their destination."

Baker; "Ultimately, the Allies were forced to abandon the goal of securing Arnhem with the toll having reached 17,000 Allied casualties, in just eight days."

Baker; "But their story was not over."